Tuesday, September 3, 2019

First Post of September

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day holiday.  Mine was spent at our son and daughter-in-law's house [Steve and Sharon] with almost all the family.  Life is busy for everyone, and it's the first time we've been together in a while.

Ellie was with us Saturday morning thru yesterday.  She had fun, but was glad to be with her parents and siblings again.  While she was at our house her Papa taught her how to play checkers and she loved the game.

Four of eight grandchildren were at the holiday festivities. Brianna's in Nashville, and Brandon & Venessa, Tiffany & John and their two little ones - Evie and Juliette, and Marissa didn't make it.

[Landon, Izzy, Brooke, and Ellie]

The guys played corn hole on boards Jerry made for Steve last Christmas.  Michigan State, of course!

The girls watched while waiting their turn.

Before the clouds dumped rain, we drove over to the nearby church property to see the progress.  All the underground work is completed, and the land has been graded.  The curbs are in for the circular driveway and parking lot.  Next we'll see the building going up.   We're so excited for our permanent place of worship.

See what I mean about rain clouds?  Shortly after we got back to Steve's house it poured. 

 No more outdoor games, so we shifted to the indoor game of Catch Phrase.  Fun!

We celebrated Brooke's 17th birthday and Lori's 52nd birthday.  Brooke's maternal Grandpa Conn teased her about the holes in her pants, and Sharon said Brooke paid big bucks for those holes!  How times change.  When I was a kid, holes in pants were a sign of poverty or being unkempt, so holes either got patched or the pants were tossed in the rag bag! Today, the bigger the hole, the more fashionable.  Who are these modern-day fashion designers? Are they related to those who designed the mini-skirts in my teenage years [1960's].  As I recall, adults disliked them too.  ;-) 

[Lori and Dave]

[Brooke, Izzy and Samantha]

I woke up this morning to these pictures of the four youngest grandchildren's first day of school.  It made me get a lump in my throat to realize how quickly time is passing.  Brooke is a senior this year.  I told them all to shine for Jesus this year at school.

Izzy's first day of high school - 9th grade.  More 'fashionable' jeans with holes in them!  ;-)

~ Landon - 5th grade ~

~ Ellie - 2nd grade ~

For those who have an interest in Jeremy's Simple Victory short YouTube videos, the next two in the series are: Simple Victory - Mindset and Simple Victory - Purpose

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  1. I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful family, and even from my vantage point here as a blog reader, I marvel at how quickly they're all growing up! And by the way, a friend told me recently that I would look cute in some ripped jeans, and I told her there is no chance that will ever happen. :)


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