Friday, August 23, 2019

Family at The Whitney

Yesterday family members came to The Whitney to celebrate a significant birthday.  My maternal aunt will be turning 92 years old on Saturday.  She is the only remaining sibling of seven - my mother's baby sister.

A cousin, who presently lives in Arizona, contacted me weeks ago about getting a group together to come to The Whitney for the mini reunion/birthday celebration.  Our aunt still lives alone, drives, bowls on a league and plays cards in a pinochle club.  

L-R:  Me, Aunt Bobo [Frances], Mary [who organized the gathering], Tammy [Aunt Bobo's daughter] Heather [Tammy's daughter], Reygan [Tammy's granddaughter], Holly [Tammy's daughter and mother of Reygan], Amelia [Mary's daughter] and Harper [Mary's granddaughter].  How fun to see them again, and it was the first visit to The Whitney for all of them.

When my aunt was very young she used to say "peek-a-bobo" instead of peek-a-boo.  The result was a nickname that stuck throughout her life.

Nothing better than celebrating over tea, especially since my aunt is a tea drinker.

First tea party for Reygan and Harper.  

I love my job everyday, but yesterday was especially fun.


  1. What a lovely family. God Bless your Aunt Frances.

  2. What a wonderful celebration! And nobody in that photo looks anywhere near 92!!!


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