Thursday, August 8, 2019

New Tea-themed Fabric

A week or so ago, the moderator of ATAA [Afternoon Tea Across America] Facebook group posted some tea-themed fabric sold at Walmart.  I went to look at it last Saturday and came home with three yards. 

It's high-quality Waverly fabric and comes in white/beige background with black print, and black/gray background with white print.

I bought three yards of the black because I want to have a jacket made to wear at work.  It's perfect for Afternoon Tea.  I bought a pattern for the jacket, now I just have to find someone to sew it because I'm not a seamstress.

If you like tea-themed fabric, be sure to check this Waverly fabric out the next time you're in Walmart.

8/17/2019 Postscript:  One of my blog readers left a comment that her Walmart had the print in a burgundy background with gold print.  So I checked the nearest Walmart today and they had it.  I don't know how I missed it before.  It's the most elegant of the three colors, so a yard came home with me!


  1. I love tea-themed fabric! Off to Walmart!

  2. That tea themed fabric is lovely. Did you know that the Current catalog is selling a calendar with teapots as the theme?

  3. I found it in red with a touch of gold at our Walmart. My favorite color!

  4. Oh, those would make great fabrics for teatime tote bags. I think I see a run to Walmart in my future …


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