Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day 2019!

I've been missing from my blog for a few days because I had a presentation yesterday. I worked Monday - Friday at The Whitney [I think everyone wanted to take their mother to Afternoon Tea for a Mother's Day gift].  When I got home, my evenings were spent preparing for the Julia Child presentation.  I'll get back on track tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day either being celebrated by your children, or celebrating your mother.

Thirteen of our family went out to dinner following church. [8 were missing - 4 grandchildren, 2 grandchildren-in-law, and 2 sweet little great-granddaughters].  

My three children: Lori, Steve and Jeremy.

~ Lori and I ~

~ Steve and Jeremy ~

~ Brooke and Isabella ~

My hubby went out to Chelsea yesterday to spend the day with Jeremy and his family [while I was doing my presentation at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn].  He brought Landon home with him to spend the night.

~ Dave and Lori ~

This was the first Mother's Day Steve and Sharon's eldest daughter, Brianna, couldn't be with them [and us]. When she was away at college, school was always out by Mother's Day and she was home for the summer.  But she's in graduate school now and still has classes.  We missed her!

Steve, Sharon, Brooke and Sharon's mom, Sheena.

~ Jeremy, Samantha, Izzy, Landon, and Ellie ~

The Barkey clan - minus eight! 

This was the first year we went to Villa Penna [Italian Banquet Hall], and it didn't disappoint.  I took a photo of two buffet lines before everyone came in.  One line was for breakfast/brunch foods, and the other for dinner [everything you can imagine!] There were several other sections that I didn't photograph - desserts and fresh fruits; omelet making; beef carving; salads; and a coffee bar.  Everything was delicious!

I said on my Facebook page the best gift of Mother's Day was being with family, but there were gifts too.  Jeremy and family just returned from a vacation [combined with some business he had in Atlanta], and one stop was in Bedford, Virginia.  I was aware Tiny Teapot Jewelry existed, but I didn't know the couple who own the business live in Bedford, Virginia - a sister city of the Village of Woburn in Bedford County England. Bedford was named for the Duke of Bedford.  Anna Russell, 7th Duchess of Bedford is credited with creating the ritual of Afternoon Tea while living at Woburn Abbey.  Lori and I visited Woburn Abbey when we visited England in 2015.

They bought me a Tiny Teapot Necklace while they were there, and gave it to me with the information shared above [along with a gift card].

Loved this Asian tea-themed Papyrus Card from Steve, Sharon & Girls that contained a gift card.

When I got home from speaking at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church yesterday, Lori had been to my house and planted flowers for my Mother's Day gift.  She and Dave also surprised us by coming to our church yesterday instead of going to their own.

I'm a very blessed mother and wife!


  1. What great pictures of your lovely family! Sounds like a very Happy Mother's Day indeed.


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