Friday, May 24, 2019

Friends at Tea Time

I went to work this morning not expecting any surprises.  I never look at the names on the reservation list - only the number of guests who will be coming.   There was one table for six and two tables for two.  

I was surprised when the server came back to the tea/coffee prep area saying, "Some ladies are in the Drawing Room and asked to see you.  They said they're friends of yours."  Friends, indeed!  They attend the church where I was secretary for 22 years and where I attended 27 years - before our son started a church plant of the same denomination 20 miles north of us.  My hubby and I left the 'mother church' to lend our support to the new church.

I love the Girl Scout song:  "Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold."  I made new friends at the new church, but I cherish the friendships at the old church!  I was so happy they came to visit.

I normally dress in dark clothing, but since this is Memorial weekend, I got daring and dressed patriotic.  One of the ladies sent the photo she took of me in front of the first floor fireplace.

I loved that ministry related job I held for 22 years, but now I'm privileged to serve in another capacity.   I'm so blessed by the opportunities God has given me.

Yesterday, we had a mother and her four adult daughters come to tea to celebrate the 70th birthday of one daughter.  The cake was so beautiful I took a picture.

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  1. You were truly made for this job, and this job was made for you! How wonderful to connect with old friends! And my goodness, what a special cake.


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