Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Tea in the News

During a private meeting yesterday at the Presidential Palace in Ghana, First Lady, Melania Trump, had tea with Ghana's First Lady, Rebecca A. Kufo-Addo.  It's Melania's first five-day solo trip to Africa as First Lady.

[Internet Photo]

So far, no actual tea photos are on the Internet, but I always love it when tea makes the news.  Melania's trip will conclude in Egypt.  The news coverage prompted me to show my African teapots.

Several years ago while I was still a church secretary/office manager, one of the associate pastors went to Africa and brought me back a lovely tea set that I proudly display on a bookcase in my family room.

Do you have any African teawares?


  1. Good for Melania! I don't have any African teawares but I think yours are lovely.

  2. Your African teawares are wonderful, Phyllis. How thoughtful of your pastor to gift you with it! I don't own any myself. I was once the church secretary and music director too.


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