Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Friends Who Came to Tea

Today seven of the ladies who went on the Southern Tea Time Getaway last May [Atlanta, Charleston and Savannah] came to Afternoon Tea at the Whitney.  It was so nice to see all of them again.  They toured the mansion from 1:00 - 2:00, then had Afternoon Tea afterwards.

~ First Course - Scones ~

~ Second Course - Soup and Salad ~

~ Savories and Desserts ~

I kept the teapots filled throughout their tea.  In the picture below I was serving the Whitney's Signature Blend - an herbal/tisane called Garden Blend.  I also served Gentle Earl Grey too.

Afternoon Tea was served in the formal dining room today. Pictured below is my dear friend, Lori.

~ Teresa, Louise, Linda and Barb ~

~ Lori, Rebecca, Judy and Barbara ~

Teresa brought my copy of the hardcover photo album she had made by Snapfish.  I can hardly wait to sit down with it over a cup of tea and relive the trip all over again.

Thanks for coming today, ladies.  You made my day!  Now we'll have to plan our next meet-up.


  1. How wonderful that the "girls" could all come and enjoy tea at the Whitney! So special for all of you. And I am sure that the lovely album will be a treasured keepsake. What a wonderful gift of memories.

  2. How lovely all the ladies look. How nice for all of you to get together again.

  3. Hello, beautiful ladies, it's good to see your pictures! I'm sure this was a fun gathering, and wish I could have joined you.


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