Monday, February 26, 2018

Two Tea Events for Locals

There's two upcoming tea events for local readers that I want to share.  The first is the Annual Doll Tea sponsored by the Grosse Pointe Public Library.

It's this Saturday, March 3rd, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Grosse Pointe Farms Pier Park Great Room [350 Lake Shore Dr.].  Advance tickets are required, $5 each for adults and children ages 5 years and older, available at the Ewald Branch only.  For more information contact Melissa Rizer at 313-821-8830 ext. 204.

There will be a light lunch, followed by a doll presentation, and a craft.  Children are asked to bring their favorite doll or stuffed toy.

*  *  *

The second is the Hinamatsuri or Japanese Girl's Day at the Detroit Institute of Arts on Sunday, March 4th from 11:00 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. 

The event is free and will include demonstrations of a tea ceremony, ikebana flower arranging, and a beautiful display of Hina dolls in the Great Hall.  Workshops featuring traditional crafts will be offered.  For more information click here.  

These two events will provide a fun weekend for girls living in or near the Detroit and Grosse Pointe area.

*  *  *

On a completely unrelated subject [but I have to share it because it was so exciting], yesterday was a 'red sticker' Sunday at my church.  We're a relatively new church plant that has been meeting in a school until we can build our permanent church building. Our 24 acres of property are paid in full, and we've been saving for the building down payment.

As a progress visual, we have a large giving thermometer.  For every $5,000 given to the building fund, a red sticker is attached to the thermometer. Yesterday was a 20 sticker Sunday, representing $100,000 which gives us the necessary down payment to move forward. Now it's getting past the many township building requirements! Another 10 stickers representing $50,000 are pending, so these are exciting days at Orchard Ridge Church of the Nazarene!


  1. How wonderful that your new church building is moving forward! I do wish I could bring my granddaughter to that Doll Tea, it sounds like great fun. Enjoy it for me, please.

  2. What a wonderful spirit of giving that allows your church to move forward with their growth plans. I had to Google your church and I see it is in Washington, MI. Beautiful area and what a peaceful location for a church. Continued blessings as your church continues to grow and prosper.

  3. So excited to hear the church has reached 100,000.00 point. God is so good. I know Steve is is excited to reached this point. May God continue to bless.


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