Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Time With the Grands

Jerry and I got to see the youngest 'grands' twice within four days.  We went to Chelsea last Saturday, and celebrated my birthday with them which included a visit to Jet's Pizzeria  where there were large screen TV's to keep track of the Michigan State basketball game.  They beat Northwestern in a close score of 65 to 60.

[Ellie, Izzy, and Papa]

Jeremy, Samantha, and the grands gave me a generous Barnes & Noble gift card which I will use for Beatrix Potter books. The assisted living facility called today to get the March 25th date on the calendar.  With Easter so close, I told them my theme would be Beatrix Potter and how Peter Rabbit came to be.  I'm looking forward to getting into it, but first I have to finish my program for this Sunday.

If all goes well with my schedule this Saturday, I hope to see the Peter Rabbit film that was released on Feb. 9th.  

World Market has 37 Peter Rabbit products, so I think a trip to Ann Arbor [my nearest World Market store] is on the horizon.

I noticed Republic of Tea came out with Peter's Garden Tea.  The description says, "With a belly full of McGregor's freshly snatched garden goods, this blend of spicy ginger and slightly sweet orange bergamot mint soothes and comforts."  The herbal tea is available at World Market.  The price is $12.25 for a tin of 36 sachets.  Wouldn't it be fun to serve that at the tea?

Back to the 'grands'... Isabella had her spring festival band concert last night, so we made a return visit for her concert.  Chelsea schools have a great music program.  Izzy is fourth chair so it's hard to get a picture where she can be seen.

I was able to get a good one when the band director asked the students who had participated in ensemble competitions at Michigan State to stand.

 Izzy's group.  She's on the far right.

She and the other participants won a metal which they're proudly wearing.

I took the photo of her below after last night's concert.

Papa always takes us to Big Boy's restaurant for desserts after her concerts, so more picture taking followed there.

[Jeremy and Landon]

I splurged on a Butter Pecan Blast - A grilled pecan roll topped with butter pecan ice cream and caramel sauce.  Yum!

Being with family is the best way to spend time!


  1. Oh my! Seeing those medals brought back memories for me, as I participated in Solo & Ensemble Festivals several times while in high school. What a great experience for Izzy! And I may have to try some of that Peter Rabbit tea. I'm a huge fan of Peter. I haven't seen the movie yet but those who have say it is cute and fun but not like the books at all. One said it is for adults, not for children. I'll be interested in your reaction. Pottery Barn Kids has a line of Peter Rabbit tableware for Easter. I ordered some of the melamine plates (salad or dessert size) and look forward to using them this spring, as my granddaughter loves Peter, too.

    1. Pier 1 Imports has a lot of rabbit/bunny dishware too.

  2. I just happened upon Peter's Garden Tea at World Market, but waited til I had a 20% coupon. I had my husband pick it up for me and it was the last one! And they haven't gotten any more in. It has a good flavor, mostly the orange bergamot mint is predominant and couldn't really taste the ginger. I've been planning a Beatrix Potter tea for awhile for my Tea Ladies group, so I'll be able to serve it for that. As for the movie, you have to go in realizing that it's made for the kids of today. I personally would much rather see something more like the original stories, but I'm afraid today's kids would find it boring. What a shame! My 4 year old granddaughter asked me to take her, so Grammy had to say yes! She was entertained by it and all the kids in the audience were laughing out loud, so obviously they liked it.


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