Friday, February 9, 2018

Floral and Postal Deliveries

Yesterday the door bell rang for the delivery of a beautiful floral arrangement.  It was scheduled for my birthday, but due to uncontrollable circumstances, it arrived yesterday, and was well worth the delay.  It contains a dozen white and peach roses, and 18 miniature pink and yellow roses.  Thanks so much, Paul, Ruth, Emily and Anna!

The postman also delivered two books I ordered for my presentation on Sunday, Famous Love Letters.

I want to share a total of 10, but have only decided on seven so far:  Prince Albert to Queen Victoria - perfect for coordinating with the PBS series on TV; Winston Churchill to Clementine Churchill - I never would have thought of him as a romantic, but he wrote some beautiful love letters to his wife; Harry Truman to Bess Truman - I have a book full of these; Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan - Nancy published her husband's love letters too; Abigail Adams to John Adams; Elizabeth Barrett's letters to Robert Browning - we all know her Sonnet 43, How Do I Love Thee, but she wrote beautiful letters too; and Johnny Cash's letter to June Carter Cash on her 65th birthday in 1994.  It was voted the greatest love letter of all time in a 2015 poll.   These letters are much more meaningful than today's texts that say "luv u".

Do you have love letters that you've saved over the years?  My mother saved all the love letters my dad sent to her when he was overseas during World War II.  Since she had treasured them for so many years, I put them in her coffin and buried them with her using the same blue satin ribbon she used to bind them together.

I'll be at my computer most of today finishing up this presentation.  Mother Nature is sending lots of snow our way [at least 6 inches on top of what we already had], so I hope I can get out of my driveway on Sunday!


  1. What lovely flowers. You are a special lady since you are still receiving presents for your birthday. Those books look so interesting. Enjoy. Hope you can get out of your driveway Sunday.

  2. What a great topic for your presentation! All those letters sound wonderful. And your flowers are gorgeous. Birthday season continues!


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