Monday, January 29, 2018

New Treasures

I'm on an e-mail distribution list for estate sales, so I receive notifications for sales daily.  I rarely go to any of them, but I always look at the listings near my house and view the photos of items that will be in the sale.

Last Friday I received a notification for a sale near me that was starting on Saturday.  In one photo I spotted what appeared to be a Victorian table accessory - a condensed milk holder.

I learned what they were in July 2015 when I was on a one-day antique outing with my friends Linda and Barb.  In September 2016 I purchased my first one at a local antique store. They're not an item frequently seen.  You can read that post here.

My hubby and I arrived at the sale around 8:15 a.m. along with 26 other prospective and eager buyers.  We waited in line until the doors opened at 9:00 a.m.  It was a mild, clear, morning so we didn't mind.  Jerry and I had street numbers 27 & 28, but fortunately they let all of us in when the doors opened.  It was an estate sale company I had never heard of before - Rose Petal Estate Sales.

With the porcelain condensed milk holder clearly in mind, I headed right for the dining room china cabinet.  Most of its contents had been emptied out except for a few teacups, and were sitting on a nearby table.  I spotted the milk holder and underplate and picked it up immediately, but it wasn't marked.  I asked the man at the nearby check-out table how much it was and he handed me a $2 sticker to place on the lid.  Since I had paid $18 for my other one, I knew it was a bargain and told him I'd take it!  I don't think he knew what it was, nor its market value.

My other milk holder doesn't have an under plate, as those usually get broken over time. There are no makings as to who the manufacturer was or what country it was made, but I'm more than happy with my purchase.

I also purchased a porcelain teapot trivet for $4 - a bargain too.  It was backstamped Germany.

$6 for two great finds.  Jerry and I left the estate sale and went to our usual Saturday morning restaurant for breakfast.  I was one happy estate sale shopper!


  1. Oh good! Something new to be on the lookout for!

  2. Now you have to find a condensed milk spoon to go with it!! -carol

  3. I'd have bought that condensed milk holder without knowing what it was, just because I love the violets on it! (I'm going back and re-read your other post so I'll know more about these pieces.) I'm glad you spotted it in the photo and were able to get such a great deal on it, and the trivet, too.

  4. My goodness, what a score! Your new condensed milk holder is beautiful (the trivet too), and I'm especially thrilled with your prices!

  5. Great finds. Both are beautiful.


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