Friday, January 26, 2018

Happy Birthday Michigan!

Today is Michigan's 181st birthday, and Mother Nature gave us a sunny, 52 degree day in which to celebrate.

Michigan became a state on January 26, 1837 when President Andrew Jackson signed a bill making it the nation's 26th state.

Michigan is nicknamed the Mitten State because of its shape, and the Great Lakes State because Michigan shores meet four of the five Great Lakes.

I got out my large Michigan mug to drink my Michigana tea in today.  Michigana is a Gunpowder Pekoe Green Tea flavored with cherry, apple and lemon essence, blended by The Rendezvous with Tea in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI.


  1. Happy birthday to Michigan! Your tea sounds delicious. I had cherries in my yogurt this morning so I'm celebrating with you.

  2. Happy Birthday to Michigan! I feel much more "bonded" with Michigan now that I've actually visited, and I also very fondly associate you with the state as well as one of my writer friends who lives there!


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