Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Approaching Another Year

My biological "odometer" will soon be rolling over another year, so I received notification from Michigan Secretary of State that I would need to appear in person to renew my driver's  license before its approaching expiration.  I've renewed by mail the last two times [an 8 year span], so I assumed I'd be taking a written test this time - something I haven't done in many years.  My appointment was at 10:40 this morning.

Any anxious thoughts about a written test were unfounded, because I only had to take an eye exam and get a current photograph taken - which always look like a dreadful mug shot!  A written test probably would have been a good thing to ensure I'm current on all the road safety rules, but I'm glad it wasn't required.

Because my odometer will be turning over soon, a surprise package arrived on my front porch last Friday.  When I looked at the box I wondered what it could be since I hadn't made any Ebay or Amazon purchases.  I noted it came from Harney Teas.

The best way to find out what's in a package and who it's from is to open it!  Inside were three tins of tea with a note saying "Happy Birthday, Love Sandy" [my childhood girlfriend].

I haven't opened the tin of Florence or Soho tea yet, but the Apricot black tea is wonderful.  When my son Steve came over on Saturday, he was feeling pretty rough from a bad cold he picked up toward the end of his recent trip to Israel.  My mothering instinct caused me to immediately put the kettle on and fix him [and me] a cup of the apricot tea.  We both enjoyed the taste and the aroma.  Thank you, Sandy!

Below is a picture of the lovely necklace Steve brought back from Israel for me.  I proudly wore it to church the next morning.

Another surprise arrived in the mail on Saturday from my friend, Louise.  While in a thrift store recently she found a book about Lucille Ball.  Knowing I'm preparing for a presentation about Lucy on February 7th [which she'll be attending], she bought the book and mailed it to me.  Thanks so much, Louise!

Two days of nice surprises.  I'm so blessed!  Now I'm off to have lunch with my son, Steve.  Only today and tomorrow left of January, the Hot Tea Month.  I'll be ordering a pot of hot tea with my lunch.  It's 22 degrees outside and the hot tea will warm me up - on the inside at least.  I'm glad we can drink tea all year long, and not just during the month of January.  As for Lucy, she stated in her autobiography that she wasn't the "crooked-finger-and-teacup" type.  She didn't know what she missed!


  1. How wonderful to start the celebration early! (We call it "birthday season".) That apricot tea sounds delicious, and your new necklace is gorgeous, and so very special because your son brought it from Israel. I hope each day of your birthday season will be filled with lovely surprises.

  2. As I have said before, I am truly enjoying your blog. As a lover of all things tea I have learned so much from going back and reading some of your old posts. I can just envision what your talk on Lucille Ball will contain as I loved her as well. I especially enjoy all the "local" things you write about as I lived in Macomb County for a good 47 years. Didn't even know there was a tea shop on Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Woods. Must have appeared in the last 22 years that I have been gone from there. I used to drive right past that area on my way to work at Bon Secours Hospital which, of course, is now Beaumont of Grosse Pointe. In any case, I really enjoy reading your blog. Excellent!

  3. What lovely gifts! Friends who know you like tea and Lucille Ball are the best, and the necklace from Israel is beautiful. What a thoughtful gift from your son's trip! (Hope he's feeling better!)

  4. "Happy" Birthday, Phyllis! I'm a year away from SS, as my hubby likes to remind me. :(


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