Friday, December 1, 2017

December is Here!

Happy December 1st.  The Christmas countdown has 'officially' begun, and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house - on the outside anyway.   My hubby's been putting up outdoor lights while the temperatures are mild.

~ Hanging wreaths from the garage coach lights. ~

~ Hanging granddaughter Tiffany's childhood ice skate on the front door. ~

The remaining red lights were hung on the top half of the tree today.  They were sparse in the picture taken last night.

Now I have to get busy and decorate the inside of the house.  The tree is up in the family room, but not decorated yet. 

It's time to get the Christmas teapots unpacked!

Are you all decorated for Christmas?


  1. I'm just getting started but all the fall stuff is packed away, there's a wreath on the door and a red tablecloth on the table.


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