Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Gifts

As promised in yesterday's post, today I'm sharing the wonderful gifts I received from my family on Christmas Eve.  Since we open our gifts by order of age from youngest to oldest, I was next to the last to open my gifts, but they were worth the wait.

When granddaughter, Brooke, went on a church youth retreat in Frankenmuth, MI this past fall she purchased my Christmas present.  She definitely knows what her Nana likes!  ;-)  A Delft Blue windmill teapot [that actually turns] a matching tea canister, and a pearl necklace.

From Steve, Sharon, and Brianna, I received an ancestry DNA kit.  After all these years living on the planet, I'm finally going to discover my exact origins.

Izzy gave me a lovely Vanilla Creme bath set [shower gel and body lotion].

Jeremy, Samantha, and the kids gave me an Amazon gift card and two tins of Harney & Sons tea [Paris Blend and Darjeeling].

Lori gave me a beautiful Christmas teapot.  I ordered the same teapot from Simpson & Vail [Brookfield, CT] for a friend's Christmas gift.  When it arrived I was disappointed I didn't order one for myself, so when Lori asked for suggestions, I mentioned the teapot and she ordered it.  I'm really enjoying Cardinals for Christmas.

Lori also gave me a professionally restored original historic photograph of J.L. Hudson's Department store taken in 1960.  It'll be a great addition to my visuals when I do a Hudson's presentation.

Brandon and Venessa gave Jerry and me a Tim Horton's gift card and two hand soaps [French Lavender and Beautiful Day] and a Winter candle from Bath and Body Works. [Jerry took the Tim Horton's gift card since he's the coffee drinker, hence the reason it's not in the picture.  ;-)]

Tiffany, John and Evie gave us a gift card to Olive Garden.

And from my hubby I received an Amazon gift card and four Tartan Plaid dinner and salad plates from Williams Sonoma to add to my collection of plaid dinnerware.

As you can see, it was a very Merry Christmas!  What did Santa bring you?

I close this post with two photos of great-granddaughter, Evie, taken at her paternal grandmother's house on Christmas Day.  They're just too precious not to share.  Evie is definitely God's gift to John and Tiffany this Christmas season, as well as all the family.

The cute ruffled panties were worn by Tiffany, 26 years earlier.  How quickly time passes!


  1. Enjoyed your posts on the Barkey Christmas. God has blessed your home.

  2. What nice gifts! And the gift of time with your family is so special. All to remind us of the greatest Gift of all.

  3. What great gifts you received . Let us know what you learn from your DNA test. The test is becoming so popular. Evie is a beauty. Wishing you and yours a Blessed,Happy,Healthy and Peace-filled 2018.


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