Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Afternoon Tea at The Whitney

My friend, Lori, and I drove to Midtown Detroit today to enjoy Afternoon Tea at the David Whitney Mansion. Linda Pudlik, our mutual friend, met us there.  The beautiful tea experience was a gift from her. 

The Whitney, located at 4421 Woodward Avenue, was bedecked in Christmas splendor.  It is the only upscale establishment in downtown Detroit with an Afternoon Tea program. The tea was served in Mrs. Whitney's sitting room on the second floor of the mansion.  All the tables were filled.

[Lori, Linda and Me]

Shawn, the restaurant's Tea Director, did a tea presentation at the beginning of our tea.  The teas served at the restaurant are blended locally by Mary Jones of Intu Tea.  My choice was 'Gentle Earl Grey'.  As the name suggests the bergamot was very mild.

The tea began with two freshly baked scones by the Whitney's chef - raspberry and blueberry, served with Chantilly Cream and Orange Marmalade.

The second course was Tomato Basil Bisque, served with a mixed greens salad dressed with the house Honey Lemonade Vinaigrette.  

The bottom row of the three-tiered server contained the savories:  Salmon on Pumpernickel, Cucumber on White,  Chicken Salad roll-up on Spinach Tortillas, and a Deviled Egg garnished with Caviar.

Desserts were a Pumpkin Cheesecake Bar, a Bavarian Cream filled Tart with Fresh Berries and drizzled with White Chocolate, and a Truffle.

Thank you, Shawn, for keeping our teacups continuously filled, bringing the courses to our table at just the right time, and for even being our photographer!  

Thank you, Linda, for gifting us with this wonderful Christmas tea experience!


  1. How festive you all look, and what a beautiful setting for a Christmas tea! The food looks delightful and I love that they used Christmas teapots on their tea cart. What a treat!

  2. What a wonderful idea to give the tea experience as your gift, and the menu sounds delicious!


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