Friday, December 15, 2017

A Very Nice Day

One of the nicest things about the Christmas Season is getting together with family and friends.  

This afternoon a dear friend - who's like a daughter - drove over to my side of town for 1:00 p.m. lunch reservations.  Mother Nature sent another snowfall, but Ruth arrived safe and sound.  We had a nice time visiting over lunch and getting caught up on each other's family.  Our server loved her British accent [and so do I!].

Sajo's restaurant has a nice ambiance.  They also have a tableside tea chest of Bigelow teas, from which I selected Earl Grey to go with my Pecan Chicken salad.   Ruth ordered a BBQ Korean Salmon salad.   We were so busy chatting, I forgot to take pictures.

She brought me a beautiful Christmas floral arrangement.

I was home just a short time, then I left for Oakland Mall's Macy's Lakeshore Grill for the annual Christmas gathering Mike Hauser coordinates for former J.L. Hudson Department Store employees, and a few who weren't employees but loved the store [which includes me].  Due to the bad weather, some who live a distance didn't attend this year so Mike will schedule another gathering later in January.

I wasn't hungry after just having a big lunch, but I ordered a bowl of Canadian Cheese Soup [which Hudson's was known for], and a popover came with it.

I shouldn't have done it, but I ended up ordering a hot fudge cream puff for dessert.  It was SO good, and I don't even want to know how many calories were in it!

I listened as they shared their Hudson's memories, and the recent ground-breaking ceremony for Detroit's new tallest skyscraper to be built on the site of the old Hudson's store.  Mike Hauser was at the ceremony, and said J.L. Hudson, Jr. [great-nephew of the store's founder] joked that he hoped somewhere in the new building would be a restaurant that would serve the store's iconic Maurice Salad.  We visited until the restaurant was ready to close at 8:00 p.m., and posed for our group picture before leaving.

Mike Hauser is on the far left.  The petite lady standing next to me [Grace] was a Hudson's personal shopper - back in the day when there was such a thing as customer service!  


  1. That sounds like a lovely day!

  2. A personal shopper! Oh ... if only! I've been thinking about the old days of customer service lately and wonder if we'll ever see anything like that again. Today, it seems to come mostly in the form of an on-time delivery from Amazon! :)


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