Friday, June 9, 2017

La Belle Antiques Garage Sale

My favorite antique store, La Belle Antiques, is having their annual garage sale today, tomorrow, and Sunday.  It opened at 9:00 a.m. this morning [at the store owner's home] and my hubby and I went.   Fortunately it wasn't crowded when we arrived, but it was by the time we left.  I don't need anymore "stuff" so I was very selective about my purchases, but it's always fun to look.

A huge back yard tent plus two separate garages were full of stuff treasures to look at.

I saw two Shirley Temple dolls, but passed them up.

After a lot of looking, I only ended up with a few things totaling $10.00.  Everything was priced to move quickly.  There were a lot of totes and boxes still full of items that I didn't rummage through. As things sell and space is freed up, they will unpack everything.  

So what did I purchase?   A turquoise turban hat for $3.00 with a J.L. Hudson label.  It's in excellent condition and different from all the other Hudson head wear I've acquired.  Since it was from The Woodward Shop, it had to be pricey when originally purchased.

A pair of brand new elbow-length pair of Aris gloves [also for $3] that I can use in a presentation.

And four books on fashions from different time periods for $1 each.  They're actually paper dolls but I won't use them for that.   I had just remarked to a friend in an e-mail recently that I had no idea what I would do for the July tea presentation at the assisted living facility, and when I saw this book I got my theme - "Prominent women from the Guilded Age Era in Newport, Rhode Island." Their names as well as gowns they wore are in the book.  I was so grateful for the inspiration for an interesting July  program.

I couldn't pass up a book about the Royal children.  

What a fun and perfect way to begin the morning.  When I came home to write this post I sipped a cup of Harney's Paris Blend tea.   Friday mornings don't get any better!


  1. Garage sales are so just never know what you might find! And, I just love Tom Tierney's paper dolls and have a whole bunch of them.. They're such lovely glimpses into history, aren't they? I've never cut any of mine out..just like to take them out and "read" them now and then.

  2. What great finds. I like the Fashion books and the Royal Children Paper Dolls. Enjoy.


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