Friday, February 17, 2017

Teapots V

I want to conclude the teapot series today, so there will be more teapots in this post than the previous ones.   There was a chapter in the Teapots book devoted exclusively to silver, pewter and other metal teapots, so that is where I will begin this post.

Before my mother passed away she gave me her silver plate tea service that she and my dad received for their 25th Wedding Anniversary [top photo]. Because I've done several teas for my church I also bought a silver plate tea service of my own [bottom photo]. Missing from the photo is the tipping hot water pot and waste bowl.   

I have two tipping teapots - one brass and the other silver plate.  The silver plate tipping teapot is special because it was a gift from my children.  The bottom photo is a silver plate teapot that is back stamped City Hotel - although it doesn't say what city.  It's for an individual serving of tea.

Many years ago when I was aspiring to open a tearoom, a dear friend gave me the silver plate teapot on the left.  She said she wanted to give me my tearoom's first teapot. A tearoom never happened, but I think of her every time I see the teapot.  I'm very fond of the wooden-handled teapot on the right, because it's back stamped J.L. Hudson's Department Store, Detroit, MI.  I bought it from an E-bay seller in Texas, and brought it back home to Michigan!

I love my Samovar even though I've never used it.  It needs to be converted to AC.

I used to have a large copper collection, but sold it to make room for all my teawares.  I kept the copper teapot, teakettle, and tea caddy though.

~  Japanese Cast Iron Hobnail Tetsubin ~  

The Teapots book also has a chapter on tiny/small teapots and I have a few of those.  The teapot below looks like a full-size teapot, but it's actually a two-cup by Old Amsterdam.

The Chinese tea set on the left is miniature, but the one on the right is full-size.  The backstamp is in Chinese.

Sandy Clough child's tea set.

~ The last teapot category is Holidays/Seasonal.  St. Patrick's Day leads the way. ~
Teapot on left is from Carrigaline Pottery, Ireland.  On right is the Shannon pattern by I. Godinger & Company.

The Leprechaun teapot came from Jo-Ann Fabrics several years ago.  It has no markings.

Easter chick below is backstamped Mesa International, Warner, New Hampshire. The pottery tea set in the middle is packed away so I don't know its manufacturer.  The teapot on the right is Grace's Teaware.

Fall teapots: top left purchased at Home Goods, pattern Harvest Festival by 222 Fifth; top right backstamped made in Mexico;  lower left, Teavana's Porcelain Country Ruby Filigree and lower right, Chatsford teapot with infuser basket.

Top: Columbus Day teapot - Figures from History by Fitz & Floyd
Bottom:  Thanksgiving teapot by Myott Factory in Romania

Halloween - the black teapot has no markings and the orange teapot is a Waechterback from Germany. 

Fitz & Floyd Nutcracker teapot [L] and the teapot on the right came from the Teapot Shoppe [online].

~ Sandy Clough tea sets ~

A Cup of Christmas Tea [L] and Noel by Sango [R].  I was happy to add two more teacups to my A Cup of Christmas Tea set this year, making a total of four teacups.  Noel by Sango is my Christmas China.

Holiday Tartan by Lenox [L] and Winterbury by Pfaltzgraff [R]


Whew!  This concludes the teapot series.  It was a bigger project than I anticipated, but I'm glad I did it.  The final teapot count is 138.  I may have missed a few, but it's pretty close. I should resolve to never buy another teapot since I have more than enough for one person, but realistically there'll probably be more teapots that will take up residency at my house.  ;-)

I hope you enjoyed this series.  My hubby asked when I was going to begin cataloging my teacups with photos and I said, "Not for awhile!"  ;-) 


  1. This series was very enjoyable. You are far more organized than I am!

  2. I love teapots too! I did get rid of all my ceramic ones over the last 10 years but will continue to buy bone china or porcelain ones. I do have that Nutcracker one which is ceramic and I kept him. Your series was fun!

  3. I love all those teapots but I think the Christmas and winter ones are my very favorites! I've really enjoyed seeing all your teapots, thank you again for sharing them.

  4. P.S. I pulled out my copy of "Teapots The Collector's Guide" to discover it's an earlier version of your book. I have not read it, possibly because I don't like the cover with one very modern teapot, and in my opinion, not as appealing as your cover. Now, thanks to you, I just may pick it up to read in my "spare" time.

  5. I enjoyed seeing your collection and notably the seasonal teapots. I bought a set of Winterberry in the fall to use for my winter dishes but use a Le Creuset red teapot and a few other solid red pieces to compliment it. The Easter Grace teapot is adorable with the bunny and I'm glad you use the silver for presentations.
    So Phyllis, how many of this collection are in actual use?

  6. This was so fun to see all your beautiful teapots! Thank you for doing this! It is suppose to get to 50 degrees today, yea!


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