Thursday, February 16, 2017

Teapots IV

Every teapot collector needs plain white teapots that go with any color scheme.  Three of my white teapots were gifts, and the Twinings teapot I bought when I visited their London tea shop in 2015. The teapot in the upper left is called Butler and Pantry by Lenox.  The teapot in the upper right has no markings, and the lower left is simply backstamped 'Made in England'.

A few years back I bought six sturdy, white, 6-cup teapots and warmers from Harold Imports when I was doing teas for a restaurant.  They have no markings.

Upper left teapot has no markings - I just thought it was cute when I saw it at Home Goods. Upper right is called Tea Time Legends - Sherlock Holmes by Department 56.  At the time of purchase, I thought it would be fun to have a Sherlock Holmes theme tea, but as yet it hasn't happened. Lower left is a London teapot by David Birch, and lower right is Kensington Palace in London, by James Sadler. I've been fortunate to tour Kensington Palace three times, so I wanted a commemorative teapot from there.

Four fun teapots. The Clock was purchased at Cracker Barrel, the Butler from Bombay Company, the Camel [backstamped Japan] from an antique store, and the Butterfly teapot was a gift.

Teapot on left says Chelsea Tea Shop by Hallmark, and the Victorian House teapot came from Cracker Barrel.   I love looking at all the gifts at Cracker Barrel, and the food is good too!  ;-)

Teapots and matching cookie jar on my kitchen counter from three different antique stores.

Granny teapot by Tony Wood, Staffordshire, England.

Music box teapot with no markings.

Thomas Kinkade teapot by Telafloral.  The lid says "Home is where the heart is."  The bottom tea set came from Victoria, British Columbia on my 2008 visit.

~ Sandy Clough "Blessings Among the Roses" Tea Set ~ 

Telafloral "tea table" teapot. Over the years my hubby has given me several floral arrangements in teapots. I've kept some and put others in garage sales.  One that I've always regretted not keeping was a very pretty white floral teapot with a purple spout, handle, and butterfly on the lid, but once it's gone, it's gone.

This teapot was made in Italy and has a unique shape.  It's quite large and holds at least 2 quarts of tea.

Clear glass teapots.  The etched glass teapot on the left is by Princess House, and the one on the right is German made. I use it frequently for steeping tea before decanting and transferring to another teapot.  When it was new the interior had a light purple glaze, but over time it's washed off.  Now only the circle on the bottom [center] remains.

These teapots bring the count to 94. Tea-for-One's and non-functional, decorative/ornamental teapots are not included in this series.  Neither are china chocolate pots [I only have four].  One flo-blue [repro] coffee pot made it's way into a Part II photo with teapots purchased at the same time, but it's the only coffee pot in this series. Since I'm not a coffee drinker I only have four china coffee pots [two were gifts] and two silver plate coffee pots that go with my silver service.  The china coffee pots are only used for display.

To be continued... 


  1. I love seeing all these teapots.

  2. So much fun to see all your teapots! You have more than me! :)

  3. It is a great idea to record your collection of teapots in this way.


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