Thursday, June 2, 2016

Boston Tea Party Museum, Boston, MA

After we ate we went downstairs to the gift shop.  Unfortunately, the photo below is the only photo I took of the shop, but it had tea, china, linens, books, American Revolutionary War memorabilia, and so much more.  Because we flew to Boston, space for purchases was limited, but I made room for a tea towel, a spiced mug mat, a Sandy Lynam Clough book [Sharing a Cup of Friendship], and a tin of tea - Abigail's Blend.  

After the gift shop, our three-part museum tour began in a replica of the "Old South Meeting House" where we were transported back to Colonial Boston.  Each person was given a feather for their "mohawk disguise". [The keepsake was stamped "Boston Tea Party" December 16, 1773.] In the photo below the Meeting House was just beginning to fill with people.

Each person received a card bearing the name of a person from the Revolutionary War period.  I was Francis Akeley, a self-employed wheelwright, but I didn't have to speak in the re-enactment. Jerry was William Scott, and he was a vocal participant in the re-enactment of the Dec. 16, 1773 town meeting.

~ Costumed interpreters.  ~

From the Meeting House we toured the Beaver ship, then we went through the museum and viewed artifacts including the tea chest known as "Robinson's Half Chest" - one of only two known tea chests that still exists from the 1773 Boston Tea Party, and one of Boston's oldest museum artifacts.

The tour concluded with a multi-sensory, action packed film in Minuteman Theater titled "Let it Begin Here."  The 15-minute film, shown on a giant wrap-around screen, recounted the first day of the American Revolution.

From the museum we made our way back to stop #1 where the trolley departed at 5:30 to take us back to our hotel.

Our first day touring Boston was interesting and enjoyable.  Coming up, day #2.


  1. I've never been to Boston, this is making me really want to go!

  2. What fun! Having the part of a participant really makes history come alive.

  3. We loved our visit, and I knew you would too.


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