Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Eloise at the Plaza Hotel

Eloise has been synonymous with the Plaza Hotel since she was created by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight in 1955.  Even though she's 61 years old by mathematical calculations, she's really just six years old and will never age.  The mischievous, unpredictable, naughty, and independent prankster, Eloise, is one of the Plaza's most famous [imaginary] residents who lives on the top floor with her nanny.

The children's book editor at the New York Times said Eloise defines New York City the way Madeline defines Paris.   There's even a Facebook page for Eloise [maintained by The Plaza] that is fun to visit. 

Below is a portrait of Eloise that hangs on the first floor just around the corner from the Palm Court.

Showcases of Eloise memorabilia [doll, books, Weenie the dog, Skipperdee the turtle, and DVD's] are near her portrait.

One of the nearby tables in the Palm Court was set with an Eloise teacup.

On the lower level is an Eloise shop and special room for birthday parties.  What little girl wouldn't love having a birthday party there?

Ooooooooo, cold, cold, cold, pink lemonade would be rawther lovely for a birthday party!

... and Chicken Nuggets.

An Eloise theme tea or birthday party would be so much, so I bought an Eloise book to bring home. I wish I could have been like Eloise and taken one of everything in the store and said, "Charge it please.  Thank you very much."  But I cawn't!

Is that the house phone where guests picked up the receiver and heard, "Hello, it's me, Eloise", in Kay Thompson's actual voice?  I wish I would have tried it to see.   Next visit!

Eloise isn't the only mischievous youngster associated with The Plaza Hotel. Remember Kevin McCallister who stayed at The Plaza in the 1992 Home Alone 2 movie, played by Macaulay Culkin?

[Internet Photos]

The lower level also has a fabulous food hall that reminded me of those in London's upscale department stores.

I'm so glad The Plaza Hotel was included in our NYC itinerary.  More NYC posts to come...


  1. Absolutely Delightful! What fun! I want to be six years old and have tea at the Plaza. I loved the Eloise books as a child and the movies are very cute (although I would have liked them set in the period of the books). But I am sure they appeal more to children the way they were made. I want to have MY birthday party in that special room!

  2. Phyllis, Happy Anniversary to you both! What a marvelous trip. Thanks for treating me to Eloise. I never read the books as a child, but enjoyed them later. Tea at the Plaza is on my must-do list for NYC. I'm all about tea!

  3. Oh, Eloise! I must remember to get some of those books for my granddaughter. What fun!


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