Thursday, June 9, 2016

Arriving in New York City

We flew out of Boston's Logan airport on Friday morning, May 13th, bound for Laguardia airport in New York City [Queens].   The 'Welcome' [below] was visible from the airplane window when we touched down around noon.

It took almost two hours to get from the airport to the brownstone row house/townhouse on W. 75th Street where we'd be staying for the next four days, because we were the last ones the airport shuttle dropped off.    

Mrs. Virginia dePeyster Field bequeathed her townhouse to Hephzibah [a Christian organization] in 1926.  It is currently used as a guest house for people coming to New York City. Guests must be involved in Christian ministry as pastors, missionaries, or laymen holding positions in Christian ministries in order to stay there. Our son is an ordained minister, and since my hubby and I are actively involved in church ministry we were able to stay at Hephzibah too. There is a daily rate to stay there, but less than hotels.

Below is the parlor at Hephzibah, still very much the way it was in 1926 [except for fire extinguishing pipes]. Mrs. Field was a wealthy woman as evidenced by her six story townhouse in prime location near Central Park. The kitchen was on the lowest level, but only admissible by staff.

Steve and Sharon arrived a day ahead of us, and awaited our arrival.  After we took our luggage to our room on the second floor, we went to Hale & Hearty - a favorite soup and sandwich spot of theirs close to Hephzibah.  They have visited NYC many times and know their way around quite well, so they were our tour guides.

We got Clam Chowder, and Turkey and Smoked Gouda Cheese Sandwiches.  Yum!  

After eating we walked the short distance to Alice's Tea Cup [Chapter 1 on W. 73rd Street]. We didn't have any tea, but purchased some of their homemade cookies, and the quick visit helped us to know the exact location for a return visit. 

Then we walked up to Columbus Circle where Trump International Tower is located, because on the way to Hephzibah I noticed a stainless steel unisphere in front, and I wanted to see it up close. It reminded me of my first visit to NYC in 1965 for the N.Y. World's Fair where a giant unisphere was the theme symbol representing global interdependence.  

Below is a view of NYC from Columbus Circle.  The entrance to Central Park was across the street. 

We walked through Central Park to get to Serendipity 3 - a fun restaurant and dessert shop in the Upper East Side [225 E. 60th Street].  Before our trip to NYC, Steve and I watched the 2001 romantic comedy, Serendipity, with a scene filmed at the restaurant, so Steve thought it would be fun to go there.  A light mist was in the air, but it didn't hinder us from walking to our destination.

[Internet Photo of Movie Scene]

~ Unique trees in Central Park ~

At last we reached Serendipity 3.  It was a Friday night so the place was packed and we had to wait for an available table.

It was worth the wait!  Steve and Sharon ordered the "Frozen Hot Chocolate" which they're famous for, and I ordered a pistachio ice cream sundae.  

It's a good thing we walked five miles everyday while we were there [Sharon kept track on her Fitbit], or we would have returned home much heavier than when we went!

We took a taxi back to Hephzibah.  Jerry went to our room, but I went to Steve and Sharon's to watch Brooklyn.  I saw the movie when it came out in 2015, but since Brooklyn was on our agenda while we were in NYC, I wanted to see it again.

Our first day in the Big Apple and 'city that never sleeps' was fun, and a lot more activities were ahead of us.

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  1. More fun! I'm glad to know about Hephzibah, if I ever make it to NY I might enjoy staying there. It looks charming!


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