Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day #3 in Boston, Massachusetts

Our 2-day Trolley tickets were done, so the subway was our means of transportation on day #3. The first thing on the agenda was visiting the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The subway station was just a short walk from our hotel.  It was Jerry's first time to ever ride a subway, and for me it brought back memories of England's underground tube.

It's always a bit unnerving hoping you're getting on the right subway, but people were very helpful.


The museum is located at Columbia Point next to the University of Massachusetts at Boston. A free shuttle transported us from the subway station to the museum.   Completed in 1979, the museum was well worth touring.

~ Wall just inside the museum ~

Before entering a theater to watch an introductory JFK film, we went through the first exhibit - "Young Jack" - highlighting his life before politics.  It covered his childhood, education, military service, and brief stint as a journalist.  

There were 22 exhibits.  [Aren't you glad I didn't take pictures of all of them? ;-)]  Below is the White House Corridor with the Presidential Seal.

Replica of the Oval Office filled with President Kennedy's furnishings.

A few of Jackie's dresses and gowns were displayed, along with an explanation of the event where she wore them.  I especially enjoyed the First Lady exhibit.  Jackie wore the two-piece red dress [below] when she gave a tour of the restored White House on national television on Valentine's Day 1962.  She won an honorary Emmy for that program that I still remember watching.

The museum had a fabulous gift shop, but the only thing I purchased was a commemorative book.

After touring the museum, we rode the subway into Boston for a lobster dinner at Tia's on Long Wharf.  

You can't go to Boston without eating lobster, but I've concluded I'm not a lobster person.   They're messy and a lot of work to eat.  I'll stick with shrimp or crab cakes.  

After dinner we walked along the harbor in a beautiful park in Boston's historic north end before taking the subway back to our hotel.

[Statue of Christopher Columbus]

We left Boston early the next morning and flew to New York City where our son and daughter-in-law were waiting to be our tour guides in the Big Apple.   We loved Boston and look forward to a return visit.  I hope you enjoyed traveling along with us via my blog.


  1. I would have enjoyed the First Lady exhibit too!

  2. I have indeed enjoyed traveling along with you via your blog! And I had the same reaction to lobster. Too much trouble. I'll take shrimp any day. :-)


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