Monday, June 27, 2016

Walking the 'High Line' in NYC

High Line is a 1.45 mile long linear park in Greenwich Village [a neighborhood on the west side of lower Manhattan] made on an elevated [30 ft.] section of now defunct N.Y. Central Railroad's West Side Line.  The last train to run on the track was in 1980.  

Repurposing of the railway into an urban park was done in three phases beginning in 2006 and concluding in 2014.  The park gets nearly five million visitors a year.  Most of the photos are mine, but two are from Wikimedia Commons and are indicated as Internet photos.  The 14th street entrance was a short distance from Tea and Sympathy tea room.

~ Entrance ~

It may only be 1.45 miles long, but after eating a big meal at Tea and Sympathy it seemed a lot longer.  It was a fun NYC experience.

[Internet Photo]

[Internet Photo]

As you can see it was breezy up there, and a bit chilly too so Jerry loaned me his jacket.

At the end of the line were historical displays from when the railway functioned until now.

We got a taxi back to the guesthouse, and had a little time to relax before boarding the boat at 6:15 p.m. for our dinner cruise on the Hudson and East Rivers.  Next post...


  1. One of my favorite NYC spots - I was there in late summer and the flowers were amazing!

  2. I would have loved seeing this, as I love parks of all kinds -- plus, my town is getting a new "linear park" soon, and I'm quite interested in seeing them elsewhere!

  3. I saw a PBS special about it a year ago and was so impressed! What a marvelous job of turning an eyesore into a welcoming oasis!

  4. We walked part of the skyline on the coldest day of February 2016 - beautiful experience except it was wicked cold.

  5. What a great use for a railroad line that no longer carries trains - I love the plants all around and the "linear park" idea!


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