Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kensington Palace Part III

The final exhibition we saw at Kensington Palace was Fashion Rules - rare and exquisite dresses worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret [her sister], and Diana, Princess of Wales during the 1960's through the 1990's.  

There were several gowns displayed for all three royals, but I only took photos of two gowns and one coat worn by Queen Elizabeth II.  Even though they were pretty, I didn't take any pictures of Princess Margaret's gowns 

~ The next three gowns were worn by Princess Diana ~

When we finished the fashion exhibition, we made our way to the gift shop.  A new café and gift shop were included in the recent palace renovation.

When I visited the palace in 2001, my hubby bought me a cup and saucer that was part of the Historic Palace China Collection.

On this visit I bought a plate to match so I'd have a trio.  The design features the rose gardens of Hampton Court Palace, the famous Gold Gate at Kensington Palace, the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, and the Reubens ceiling at Banqueting House.

~ Love my new trio! ~

I also bought a CD of tea time music.

The items were placed in the commemorative bag below.

Exterior photo of the new gift shop, café, and patio dining area that were built on the side of the palace closest to the Orangery.

New winding landscape from the patio towards the Orangery.

The Orangery was built in 1704 by Queen Anne to protect her orange trees from the cold.

Interior of the Orangery.  The carved detail by Grinling Gibbons shows the orangery was not only to be used as a greenhouse, but for entertaining as well.  The center pastry display that used to be in the Orangery is no longer there. 

~ Notice their serving china!  I ordered a tisane - Wild Berries ~

Lori and I each ordered Banoffee Pie.  Yum!  Biscuit base, topped with caramel, banana slices, covered with a layer of cream, sprinkled with Dutch cocoa, and more bananas and caramelized sugar on top. Our server removed the calories before bringing it to our table!  ;-)

[Lori and Me]

Beautiful Sunken Garden on the palace grounds.  Queen Anne and Queen Caroline are credited for the gardens at Kensington.


  1. What a beautiful place - I would have loved the location you had tea and the gardens just beyond.

  2. This is one of my favorite places in London to visit! I'm so glad you are sharing your trip with your readers.

  3. The dresses you photographed are gorgeous - and I'm sure there were many more beautiful ones on display also. How lovely that you could get the matching plate for your Historic Palace teacup & saucer - they are beautiful. And tea at the Orangery sounds so nice. Thank you for sharing all this beauty with us!

  4. I was so sad that we didn't have time to visit the Kensington while we were there, or have tea. I would have bought the same tea cup as a memory. Hopefully we'll get back there and I'll try again.

  5. Love Kensington Palace! Great memories of a visit from years past. Love your souvenirs!

  6. What wonderful posts. I am happy for you to be there soaking this all in and jealous at the same time. :) Your cup and saucer and now plate is just Gorgeous! Everything is so great to see and learn about. Keep it coming. We lived in Kensington back in the 80's for a year. Can't wait to go back again. Glad you are enjoying it so.

  7. Your CD matches your beautiful trio! That dessert looks divine, and oh, I would have been swooning over those gardens!


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