Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fan Post Addendum

It didn't seem appropriate to add pictures of the cheap fans I purchased at the $ store to today's Fan Museum post, so I'm showing them separately.

I went into the $ store with my hubby looking for arithmetic flash cards for our grandson.  It was the day before my fan presentation at the assisted living facility, and I spotted them quite by accident. For $1 each I couldn't past them up. The 'sticks' are plastic, and the 'leaves' are nylon or polyester.

So many times I've seen ladies at various functions fanning themselves with a program, bulletin, or piece of paper they pulled from their purse.  A fan would be so much prettier, and produce better results.  Ladies, we should renew the fan's beauty and virtue by carrying one in our purse.  It would probably evoke conversation - but hopefully not in the middle of a performance, program or sermon!  ;-)  Pop over to Dollar Tree to purchase one.

[Please scroll down to read my post about the Fan Museum in Greenwich, London.]


  1. I have loved fans my entire life and have several and often buy them when I see them. I don't live near a Dollar Tree or I would be over there right now. I especially love the lace fan and hope to go to London some day and see this museum. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooooh, those ARE pretty! If I see any the next time I'm at a Dollar Tree, they'll come home with me and be put to use!

  3. WAIT!! THESE fans came from a Dollar Tree?? I must find one of those. Our choice for fans to use in costuming, that don't cost an arm and a leg, are just the plain sandelwood type.

    1. Sadly all our Dollar Trees have none. They said they had bunches at Mother's Day and they sold out. :(

  4. And you know what else? Wouldn't it be pretty to use these to decorate a Christmas tree? Or to decorate the place settings at a church Christmas dinner table? Oh, the possibilities …


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