Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jeffrey's Antique Mall

Jeffrey's Antique Mall opened in 1990, and is Northwest Ohio's largest antique mall with over 300 dealers.  It's off I-75 at Exit 161 in Findlay.

[Aerial view courtesy of Jeffrey's website]
My girlfriend and I covered the entire mall [walking off calories from The Swan House!] and saw LOTS of things we'd like, but only came home with a few items.

On October 5th I blogged about my newest teapot acquisition - a red transferware teapot by Alfred Meakin, made in Staffordshire, England in the Tonquin pattern.   While walking through the antique mall I spotted a red transferware milk jug in the same shape as the teapot, so I was pretty sure it was manufactured by Alfred Meakin.   Sure enough!  When I turned it over it bore Alfred Meakin's backstamp.  Though not the same pattern as the teapot, it's close enough, and I knew it was coming home with me.   It was a bargain at $16.50! 
It's not an "official" collection yet until I get the third piece, but I'm working on it!  ;-)

I rarely have luck finding tea-themed embroidered linens, but I found two tea towels at Jeffrey's.  They needed an overnight soak in Oxi Clean, but they cleaned up very nice, and I was happy with my purchase.

It was a fun day, and Sandy and I are looking forward to returning to Findlay again after the holidays.


  1. Those tea towels are SO cute! And that red transferware pitcher is gorgeous. You are well on your way to a collection. :-) I found some pink plates and teacups at a Tuesday Morning store recently - $4.99 for a plate, teacup, & saucer set, then an additional 10% off! They had two sets and I snatched them up. They are the traditional "Blue Willow" design, done in pink, they aren't old but they are pretty, and they'll look good with my pink depression glass. And they were made in England! So I guess I'm on my way to a collection, too.

  2. I too have caught the red transferware bug and I have 5 pieces now, mainly plates/saucers but also a teapot and cup & saucer. My teapot came from an estate sale, $20, and its kind of a flattened out style. Just what I need, another collection. But they'll look pretty within a Xmas decoration. This blog has some nice info on transferware. http://nancysdailydish.blogspot.com/ She also sells on etsy but a little out of my price range. If I'm ever on the east coast near Ohio, I'll have to check out this antique mall. Its a major part of my vacations, going to them.

  3. WOW! That's a huge antique mall! I'm sure there were many temptations.

  4. AWESOME! The last time through that way I spotted the mall - but we didn't have time to stop! IT'S circled in YELLOW on our atlas!! I hope to go one day; but it looks like you took some of the things I was wanting! (SMILES). Glad you had fun!!

  5. What great tea finds! I especially love the vintage linens.

  6. Thank you for all of your wonderful reviews of Tea Rooms and antique malls. I live in Southeastern Michigan and hope to find the time to take a trip to a few of the beautiful Tea Rooms I have discovered through your blog.

  7. That looks like an awesome antique mall! Glad you found item #2 of your about-to-be transferware collection, and those vintage linens are wonderful. I especially like the little house teapot embroidery--darling!

  8. Ok, I am drooling over that milk jug. I saw one awhile back and have been kicking myself that I didn't buy it. It is beautiful! And love your other finds too.


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