Friday, November 23, 2012

A Cozy "Black Friday" at Home

The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday [the busiest shopping day of the year], is  fun for many people, but I'm avoiding the crowds and staying home to begin decorating my house for Christmas.
I recently found this cute teapot that expresses my feelings about frenzy shopping, and I'm doing exactly as the teapot recommends. 

The first Christmas decorations to unpack and display are my porcelain lighted tea houses.  I'm grateful to Linda at Friendship Tea blog for the heads-up on Melinda's Scone & Tea Shop  by Lemax, available at Michael's Arts & Crafts Store this year.  It's the newest tea house to join my collection [far left in photo below].  

I'm not sure what year I started collecting porcelain lighted tea houses, but it's been a few years, and my collection has grown to 19.  I display them on top of the built-in bookcases in the family room.   I love the coziness they provide at night.

I group them by manufacturers.  There are four Department 56 tea houses in my collection:  Mrs. Brimm's Tea Room; Potter's Tea Seller; Russian Tea Room; and Joseph Edward Tea Shoppe.

I have four Santa's Workbench tea houses [sold by JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores]:  The Tea Cozy [which was the first tea house that began my collection - a gift from a dear friend]; Elevenses Tea House; Lady Anne's Tea Room; and The Terrace Tea Room. 

For four years Big Lots sold Norman Rockwell tea houses - a different house each year with Norman Rockwell's Oct. 22, 1927 Saturday Evening Post scene, "Tea Time" visible from the front window.   I have all four houses.

[Internet Photo]

The rest of the houses are by assorted manufacturers:  Lamplight Tea Room [Thomas Kinkaid]; Wayside Tea Room [Lemax]; Rosie Mae's Tea Room [Kohl's St. Nicholas Square]; Copperfield Tea House; Mistletoe Tea Room; and Haley's Tea Shoppe.


I think I've about reached my maximum capacity, but will I have the willpower to walk past one in a store?    Time will tell!  ;-)



  1. What a neat collection, I look forward to seeing the photos. I didn't shop yesterday, either. I have started my Christmas decorating since my son is home to carry boxes up from the basement. My tree is up and I'm about to unpack some more boxes. Enjoy your day"

  2. A couple of years ago Canada started having Black Friday sales too, likely to encourage shopping here instead of across the border. I can't be bothered to fight crowds to save a few dollars.
    I like your porcelain tea houses. My decorating is finished and we have a winter wonderland outside today.

  3. So glad I do not have to deal with Black Friday over here in Europe :)

    Lighted tea houses? I have never heard of such a thing. Are they ornaments that one lights with a tea light? Cute!

  4. Your collection is just perfect up there. If I had a place like that I would be collecting too. Only one little teahouse for me. Isn't it fun to reacquaint ourselves with our Christmas decorations? I am pulling mine out today and enjoying.

  5. I love your collection of tea houses, and they are displayed so beautifully -- not cluttered one bit! Am also jealous of what I believe is a Royal Albert Poinsettia cup and saucer? I am trying to find a Christmas china pattern to collect, and this one is my absolute fave!


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