Friday, November 2, 2012

Girlfriends...and Tea

When sorting through photographs recently I came across a picture of a girlfriend and me taken when we were three years old.
[L-R:  Susan and Me]
She was in my wedding, and then we drifted apart when I moved to Oklahoma with my military husband, and she moved to Hawaii. 
[Susan is second from left.]
We finally reconnected again at her 50th birthday party.
She and her husband retired to Arizona, but we've gotten together twice during their return visits  to Michigan.   The photo below was taken in 2011 at a Chinese restaurant.
[L-R:  Jerry & me and Hugh & Susan]
One of the perks of eating at a Chinese restaurant is knowing you'll be served properly brewed tea [usually Oolong, but sometimes a Jasmine Green Tea, or a mix of both].  China is the birthplace of tea, so it has a long standing history in Chinese culture.
Here's to friendship and tea - a perfect pairing!


  1. What a great tribute to a lasting friendship! Love the series of photos!

  2. I agree, that's a great combination! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. So sweet! We can never forget our childhood friends and to be able to keep contact with them is so special. You had a beautiful big wedding!

  4. Love the picture of you and Susan in 2011. The picture speaks a 1000 words.

  5. Oh, this is so heartwarming. A dear friendship.
    Ruthie from Lady B's

  6. How wonderful to reconnect with an old friend! Girlfriends really do make life so much better!


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