Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Hayride and Celestial Seasonings Tea

In my October 19th post I mentioned that our church was hosting the very first event on our  23 acres of property on Saturday, November 3rd.  We prayed Mother Nature would cooperate.  She did, as there was no rain, but once the sun went down, the low 40 degree temperatures were chilly - especially in a wide open field.
Our land is on the outer edge of town.  There are some subdivisions nearby, but a lot of farm land also.  Two horse farms surround our property, and a farm across the road.   My son said we should buy the farm house across the road so we'd be close to the church when it's built [instead of driving a distance of 20 miles].  I don't see that happening, although it's a beautiful house.  I can even envision the house as a lovely tea room, but that's about as likely as us buying the house!  ;-)
Below is the sign that tells everyone to watch for our arrival - or better yet, join us at our interim school location.
Architectural drawings for Phase I of the building program.  We're very excited!
We were among the first to arrive for the activity.  The planning committee had built a roaring bonfire to welcome everyone, and to keep them warm when the sun went down.
Roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, anyone?
One of the neighboring horse farmers volunteered to pull the hay wagon with his tractor.  [Guess they don't use horses anymore.]   Below,  spreading out the bales of hay before everyone climbed on the wagon.
I opted to stay by the bonfire instead of going on the hayride.  There were others who  stayed behind too.
Even though the activity was only from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. everyone was cold and ready to return to the comforts of their warm homes.   I was anxious to make myself a cup of hot decaffeinated tea to warm up with.   My favorite nighttime tea is Candy Cane Lane by Celestial Seasonings.  It's a peppermint green tea, and is one of their "Holiday Teas," so it's only available before Christmas.   I buy enough in December to get me through the whole year. 
Warmth and comfort in a cup!
Celestial Seasonings was founded in 1969 and is located in Boulder, Colorado.  While visiting their website, I noticed they've added a new holiday tea to their offerings, Sweet Harvest Pumpkin.  I'll have to try it!
Their cookbook is nice too.  It allows Celestial Seasonings teabags to become the spice cabinet.
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  1. Looks like fun, Phyllis! I want to try the Candy Cane Lane tea - sounds very good. What a nice property for your church - love that home too.

  2. That is one of my favorite winter "evening" teas, I have two boxes of it now. And will get some more when I see it in the stores! The pumpkin one sounds good, too. I now have a niece living in Boulder, and one of these days I'm going to visit her and take a Celestial Seasonings tour.
    Your church property is so pretty, and the hayride sounds like great fun - although sitting by the fire sounds like even more fun!

  3. When you visited Colorado, did you get a chance to see the Celestial Seasonings factory? It's very fun! The original artwork from the boxes is displayed, and the menthol in the mint room nearly knocks one over!

  4. You must be so excited about your church--and now I am! I too love Candy Cane Lane and bought five boxes when I saw it at Walmart the other day.

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    Your church outing sounds like so much fun! We had a large family hayride and chili supper a few years back and need to do it again. That beautiful house would make a perfect tearoom! I agree, it is fun to dream! I'm going to see if our stores here have the Candy Cane tea and buy some for the holidays. Sounds so good! Have a great week!

  6. We love Candy Cane Lane at my house too. I am starting to watch for it because it disappears so quickly from the market shelves.
    Congratulations on 200 posts. I am not commenting in that post because I want someone else to win your give away; but that is extra special to have done that many. It seems like you just started. How time does fly.


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