Monday, November 19, 2012

Every Good and Perfect Gift...

At this Thanksgiving Season I believe the truth written in James 1:17: "Every good and perfect gift comes from above...".   Today's post is about two of those good and perfect  gifts - my oldest and youngest granddaughters.  [And there are four other granddaughters in between them that are good and perfect gifts too!]
"Tiffany Jill"
I had the pleasure of taking Tiffany to lunch at Macy's Lakeshore Grill last week.  Their restaurant motto is:  "Feeding the shopping tradition since 1905."  And they fed many shoppers that day who  came to the mall to begin their Christmas shopping.  We  waited patiently for a booth in a cozy corner where we could visit and spend some time together. 
Tiffany ordered iced tea.
They brought the tea box to the table for me to make my hot tea selection.
I opted for Organic Chai, which was yummy.
Tiffany ordered their Soup and Sandwich Combo - A cup of Canadian Cheese Soup and a Pistachio Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich.
I got their Mandarine Chicken Salad
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Tiffany, and feel so blessed to have her as my granddaughter.
Below is little Ellie who I also visited recently.  She's four and a half months old now, and what a blessing to  be able  to watch her life unfold - just as I've been privileged to do with Tiffany.   I remember when Tiffany was this age and it doesn't seem all that long ago!
Am I counting my blessings with gratitude?   Absolutely!


  1. We do have so much to be thankful! Practicing an attitude of thankfulness should be a daily discipline. One of my favorite scriptures. What a lovely young lady! I ended up with onlu grandsons, and you couldn't drag them to a tea or dainty lunch place! Sigh...indeed a blessing in your life you can count!

  2. Love that verse, and I do think your granddaughters (these two and all the others) fit the "good and perfect gift" category. As does mine. :-) How nice that you and Tiffany could have such a nice "ladies' lunch" together. I'm looking forward to that type of thing. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!

  3. How sweet, I am looking forward to this day!!

  4. How love to have this time with your grand daughter. How special these treasured children are.

  5. Loved seeing both of your beautiful granddaughters here -- and hearing of fun times you spend together!


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