Monday, November 26, 2012

An "Official" Collection

Thanks to a recent E-bay purchase I now have my third piece of red transferware - which constitutes a collection!  ;-)   The seller described it as an "oversized" teacup, but I didn't realize how oversized it was until it arrived in the mail.    It holds 16 oz.    I've seen large teacup planters in garden centers before, but I've never  seen an actual oversized drinking teacup until this purchase.  Have you?
To put its size into perspective I sat a standard 6 oz. teacup next to it.  I doubt I'll ever find another oversized red transferware teacup to go with it, but I'm happy that I at least found one.
Like my other pieces, it's made by Alfred Meaken in Staffordshire, England, in the Tonquin pattern [the same pattern as the teapot I acquired].
"The Collection"
Something else that's "official" - wintry weather in southeastern Michigan!   After  balmy 60 degree temperatures on Thanksgiving Day, it was quite a contrast to lift my bedroom window shade this morning and see snow.   There's nothing like snow to  provide atmosphere  for the upcoming holidays.
View from the backyard doorwall.
It was just a light dusting of snow, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of our first snowfall this season.
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Today I'm linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea at Antiques and Teacups blog.


  1. Your teacup is really pretty. I adore red transferware too. Any pieces I add to my collection will likely have to be from ebay too because there is none to be had here on the Island. You have some lovely pieces. Your new teacup would make a darling centerpiece. Have a beautiful day, Phyllis.


  2. Hi Phyllis, I enjoyed seeing your red transferware. It is pretty, and I like that pattern! China/dinnerware/teaware is so much fun to collect! We have no snow yet but it is cold here too with the prediction to be in the 50s as the week progresses.

  3. Such a pretty collection! Looks like that teacup could almost be used as a small serving bowl. And loved the snowy scene... we are expecting a little dusting on Tuesday.

  4. That is a large teacup, for sure. It would be great for serving soup, though! Your red transferware is so pretty. I thought of you on the day before Thanksgiving when I went with my brother and sister-in-law over to the outlet mall again. Of course I had to visit the Royal Doulton outlet store, where the Black Friday sales had already started! I splurged and bought myself a cup and saucer in the Royal Albert Old Country Christmas pattern (I may not have the name exactly right) and then saw some Franciscan plates, red transferware pattern around the outside and a green Christmas tree in the middle. The salad plates were only $4.49 each so I bought some to mix and match with my Christmas Corelle plates and a few pieces of ruby red DG that I have. Anayway, they'd blend nicely with your new collection, too. Wish you were close enough to go over there with me. I can't wait to set my table now! (as soon as I finish putting away all the Thanksgiving stuff that is stacked on it!). :-)

  5. Hi Phyllis. It's called a Breakfast cup and they were very popular for a really big cup of tea with a large farm type high caloric English full breakfast! Most makers made them with some pattern, even Shelley! Great find! They are pretty hard to ind! I LOVE red transferware, and Tonquin is a fav pattern. Welcome to the transferware collectors...there are many, happy collectors!

  6. I have not seen an oversized teacup either, but it is very pretty. I love your new collection. Also love seeing your first snow.

  7. I loved learning about this teacup! Thanks for the name, Antiques and Teacups!

  8. What a gorgeous new teacup! I once dawdled and left a blue one this size at an antique mall in Florida (regret it, too!). And it said "Auld Lang Syne," so if you see one of those one day, you can begin another collection, of Breakfast Cups!

  9. P.S. Jealous of your snow! I didn't see a single *flake* last winter!

  10. Now that is a teacup! It is going to come in handy this winter! I love red transferware. Happy Tea Day!


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