Sunday, May 19, 2024

Technology and Birthdays

Last Tuesday we received a text from our daughter-in-law telling us our granddaughter Ellie's spring choir concert was going to be live streamed at 7:30 p.m.  She gave the link where we could purchase our tickets online and then receive an access code to watch the concert on my hubby's laptop.  Since they live in Zeeland [175 miles away] we don't get to attend concerts and sports events like we used to, so this live stream technology was most welcome.  It was the next best thing to being there.  Laptop screen shot below.

Thursday we took our son-in-law and daughter out to dinner to celebrate Dave's birthday. Since he's Italian we went to Da Francesco's [Yum!].  We wish many more birthdays to a great son-in-law!  Through a program on our daughter's smart phone, she was able to remove all the other people who were dining in the same room, so only Dave was visible.  Gotta love technology [at least some of the time for those of us who are seniors]!

Before we moved to Warren, we lived in the area where I grew up.  During that time we met a wonderful family at the church we attended.  Time [46 years] has brought many changes for them [and us]... their three children who were teenagers at the time, grew up, married and now have families of their own.  Jack and Janet moved to Texas and remained there for several years until Jack passed away. Ironically, their youngest daughter now lives less than three miles from us. Janet now lives with her and she celebrated her 90th birthday at a surprise party yesterday.  I couldn't attend because of work, but my hubby went to extend our greetings.  He said it was great seeing all their family again as well as other people from our previous church.

What do you give a 90 year-old for a present?  Technology to the rescue again!  I Googled 'gift suggestions for a 90 year-old female' on my desktop computer and an immediate idea popped up.  A soft, fleece blanket with 90th birthday greetings printed on it and a pair of pink comfy slippers.  

~ My hubby and Janet ~

May begins 'Birthday Season' for our family.  Great-granddaughter Evie turns 7 on May 23rd, and there's three more family birthdays in June.  Lots of reasons to celebrate!

The only way I can include tea in this post is to say it's loved and enjoyed at The Whitney where 211 guests were served tea yesterday.   While I'm thankful tea is thriving there, I'm also thankful today is a day of rest!  ;-)

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  1. Enjoy your day of rest - I’m sure you have earned it!


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