Wednesday, April 3, 2024

An Easter Gift and Birthday Wish

I made it past April Fool's Day without being pranked or pranking someone else!  How about you? 

After church on Easter Sunday, my daughter-in-law, Sharon, handed me a little gift - a package of Milano London Fog cookies by Pepperidge Farm.  They're a limited edition, and she said she thought of me when she saw them in the grocery store.

It's been quite awhile since I've used my frother to make a London Fog Tea Latte, so this seemed the perfect time to get it out of the cupboard and make one to go with the cookies. Both were yummy.  Thanks, Sharon!

Because I love history... Some sources say that the first London Fog Tea Latte was made at the Buckwheat Cafe in Vancouver, Canada [now closed] in 1996.  Patrons of Starbucks in Calgary, Alberta have asked for the beverge since the winter of 2004.  Still others claim it dates back to London in the early 19th century.  Whenever and wherever it originated, it's delicious. Other 'Fog' variations exist as well.

Tea is the most important ingredient in the beverage - Earl Grey tea.  Harney & Sons blends a Victorian London Fog that is specifically for use in the latte, but I used their Earl Grey Supreme today because it's what I had.  London Fogs are easy to make.  After steeping the tea, froth together milk and a splash of vanilla, and pour it over the tea.  Enjoy!

Today is a special day for my great-granddaughter, Juliette - or Jules, as we call her.  It's her 5th birthday and we'll miss celebrating with her in person since she now lives on the West Coast.  I sent her a cute animated Jacquie Lawson birthday card this morning which her mother said she loved, and three hardcover books are to be delivered today from Amazon - Amelia Bedelia, Eloise, and Tea for Ruby [written by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York].  Her Mommy said she loves books.  The photo below was taken on Easter Sunday.

Jules on her Birthday - She told her mommy it was her best birthday ever!

It seems as though she's gone from infancy to five years old in the blink of an eye!  Happy Birthday, Juliette Grace!  We love you!  💓

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  1. Happiest of birthdays to this sweet girl! (A little late, sorry!)


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