Thursday, April 18, 2024

Almost Done!

My blog page update is almost done, but a few changes and tweaks still remain so don't critique it just yet.

The beginning of March I was in Meijer's store and saw some cute women's tea-themed pajamas, but I didn't buy them that day.  I was back in the store today to pick up a prescription, and decided to go over to the women's sleepwear department.  To my delight they still had the pj's but they were now on clearance.  The two bottoms [one a solid aqua color and the other a pink teacup print] were $25.20 [origionally $36] and the solid aqua color top was $12.60 [origionally $18].  I didn't pass them up this time.

Close-up of the print.

If you're in need of some cute, light-weight summer pj's and have a Meijer's store nearby, check them out.


  1. Your page is looking great! We don't have that store but I'm glad you snagged a deal on those cute pj’s.

  2. The pjs are darling and I like how your blog page is looking!

    Deanna Rabe


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