Thursday, January 12, 2023

National Hot Tea Day

Today has been designated as National Hot Tea Day.  Everyday is hot tea day at my house so it's not difficult to celebrate the day.

I steeped a cup of Harney & Sons Organic Green w/Citrus & Ginkgo first thing this morning. [For the most part I only drink green tea.]  What's in your cup today?

We removed a few more Christmas decorations today.  What goes up must come down... eventually!  Hubby took down the outside lights right after New Year's Day as well as the Nativity set in the living room.  But the Christmas tree and lighted tea houses in the family room are still up.  I'm dragging my feet in taking them down.  Fortunately hubby likes the coziness of them.  Do you still have Christmas decorations up?

After a hair appointment on Tuesday I stopped by LaBelle's antique store.  I hadn't been in there for a long time.  I spotted a vintage green vase for $3.  I really didn't need it since I've acquired the amount I wanted, but it was so cheap I decided to go for 12 instead of 8.  And it's always good to have a few extras in case of breakage.  I also saw a pretty Christmas Tree brooch for $10.  At this stage in my life I'll never acquire enough of the brooches to make a necklace like one of my readers recently shared, but the brooch was pretty and inexpensive I bought it.

From the antique store I went to The Whitney to organize and mate the teacups that were in disarray from the Christmas holidays.  The restaurant shut down on Monday for 10 days to make some much needed repairs.  To my dismay, the first floor kitchen areas were all gutted and the equipment moved into the Music Room where the teacups are located.  I couldn't get anywhere near them.  So I'll return next week and hopefully get the job done then.

I was asked to do a presentation about The Whitney for the residents of Independence Village in Plymouth, MI on January 23rd, so I've been busy doing research and gathering information.  It's the reason you haven't seen many blog posts from me.  Please be patient until this presentation is over.

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  1. Every day is hot tea day for me, too. I've been enjoying some Harney's Victorian London Fog tea that my daughter sent to me recently. Yum! Love your Christmas tree pin and the green vase. That type vase has special memories for me. (and I'm not through taking Christmas decorations down, either. I'm maybe 2/3 of the way done...and not in a hurry.)


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