Thursday, December 1, 2022

Happy December

The graphic below is perfect for today's post because it lends itself to England and royalty.  

It's hard to believe this will be the first Christmas without Queen Elizabeth II, and not hearing her annual Christmas message, but I've purchased a few things to keep her memory alive and I wanted to share them with you in case you might want to put them on your Christmas wish list.

I heard great things about Angela Kelly's book, The Other Side of the Coin, and when the Platinum Jubilee Edition came out, I had to get it.  I have a lot of books about the Queen, but she personally gave Angela her blessing to write this book, so I knew it would be accurate.  During a span of 28 years, Angela was the Queen's senior dresser, then her personal advisor, curator, wardrobe and in-house designer.  The two shared a unique, close working relationship.  It's a great book!

I ordered a tea towel to go with the book.  Who knows when I might be asked to do another presentation about her life.  

A Queen Elizabeth mourning cockade made by Heather Sheen of Creative Cockades.  The bow or knot of ribbons was traditionally worn on a hat, but I will wear mine as a brooch at tea time.

To close this post with a smile, I'm sharing a picture of a cute little girl dressed like the Queen with her Corgis.  Have you seen Hallmark's A Royal Corgi Christmas?  


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  1. I love the tea towel! And no, I haven't seen that Hallmark movie but I'll watch for it. Happy December!


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