Monday, June 20, 2022

Father's Day 2022

I hope you enjoyed celebrating Father's Day with those you love.  Our daughter-in-law, Sharon, made 3:00 p.m. reservations at The Voyager restaurant on the St. Clair River in St. Clair, MI.  To kill some time after church and before our dinner reservations, we walked through an antique mall in Algonac, but I came out empty-handed. 

Seven miles north was Marine City where Jerry and I antiqued a few days ago on our 56th Wedding Anniversary.  We decided to visit Rantiques, housed in a former church building, and was closed on our previous visit.  It's a beautiful upscale antique shop, but I didn't make any purchase there either.  Steve thought it was sad that a beautiful church closed and transitioned to an antique store.

It was approaching time for our dinner reservations so we traveled north another seven miles to St. Clair, MI.  It was a picture perfect day - sunny and 79 degrees.  We were the first of our family to arrive, so we took pictures on the boardwalk along the St. Clair River and beautiful Palmer Park next to the restaurant.  

As always, we saw several freighters on the St. Clair River, and even though there's none visable in the photos, several boaters were enjoying a day on the lake too.

Biking Sculptures in the Park

Picnickers were enjoying the park, which is also a favorite of Lori and Dave's.

Celebrating the father of my three children!

Daughter Lori, son-in-law Dave, Son Steve, Daughter-in-law Sharon.

~ Granddaughter Brooke, Jerry and Me ~

When we left the restaurant, we headed over to daughter-in-law Samantha's family Father's Day gathering to spend some time with Jeremy and the family.

~ Father and Son - Jerry and Jeremy ~

~ Granddaughter Izzy with her Dad and Papa ~

~ Jeremy with his three children - Landon, Ellie and Izzy ~

The gathering was held at Sam's sister's house [the one wearing the Detroit T-shirt].  Sam's from a large family and the photo below was taken yesterday.  Her mom is on the right, and Sam's next to her. Then her three sisters and sister-in-law.  There are 19 Theisen cousins [and another one on the way], so the kids had fun together yesterday swimming in the pool, bouncing on the trampoline, swinging, and playing corn hole.

It was a very enjoyable day for all.  How did you spend Father's Day?

Izzy leaves this Thursday for Escondido, CA where she will have a summer intern job.  She was recently in California with her dad to meet the lady she will be staying with, seeing where she'll be working and attending her new church.  Selfishly, we're hoping she doesn't like relocating and gives up the idea of going to university there.  She has grown up so quicky, and California is SOOO far from Michigan, but she's got to spread her wings and fly.  Granddaughter Brianna lives in Nashville, and Brooke says as soon as she graduates from university next year that's where she'll be heading.  Kids don't stay close to 'the nest' anymore.

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