Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Internet Hackers

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The Internet is a blessing and a curse, and hackers are are a huge part of the curse! 

I've had my Facebook account hacked a couple of times which was a relatively easy fix of changing my password and posting a message to my friends telling them not to confirm any new friend request because it wouldn't be from me.

For the first time since my AOL e-mail account was established over 20 years ago, it was hacked yesterday.  It hasn't been a fast and easy fix like Facebook.  I've changed my password, but still can't access my AOL account from my i-Phone and all new e-mails on my desktop go to my 'recently deleted' folder instead of my in-box.

I was able to see that the hacker sent out his fraudulent message [posing as my husband] to all my contacts in four different batches beginning at 1:31 p.m. and concluding at 2:01 p.m.  All the 'undeliverable messages' from the hacker were in my 'recently deleted' folder.

I called AOL and spoke with a representative who was foreign and barely understandable, but finally got that I would have to pay a fee for their technical support.  I said no thanks and terminated the call.  

Today is a new day and my hubby and I are back at it [with our limited technical knowledge] trying to restore my AOL account.  If you received an e-mail from my AOL address containing a fraudulent message from the hacker, delete it and don't respond.  My husband didn't request a favor from you.  Here's hoping today will be a lot less stressful and everything will be resolved and restored with my AOL account.  


  1. So frustrating! I wish you luck in dealing with it!

  2. What a mess. We have gotten those bogus friend Facebook messages.


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