Friday, April 22, 2022

Estate Sale Finds

I always look through the pictures of items available at estate sales in my area, but most of the time I decide I don't really need more 'stuff.'  But when I opened an e-mail last night of a sale just 8 minutes from my house, I spotted a stainless steel Farberware Urn.  I love these urns for making tea for a group, so I decided to head over to the house this morning.

The sale opened at 10:00 a.m. and I got there just after 9:00.  I was #34, which meant I wouldn't be one of the first ones admitted inside the house, but it was dry, sunny and in the high 40's so I didn't mind the wait.  It's fun listening to the conversations of people standing around me.  Most are dedicated estate sale shoppers [sometimes bordering on hoarders] and go from sale to sale.

Fellow blogger and tea friend, Angela McRae [Tea With Friends blog], recently gave estate sales a creative new name - pop-up antique stores [or in some cases, pop-up flea markets].  I love that!

As I stood waiting my turn to enter, I didn't see anyone carrying out an urn, so I knew my chances were pretty good of getting it.  Sure enough!  It waited for me with a price tag of just $20, and two snow bunnies $1 each!  It was a good morning!  Vintage toys and Christmas decorations seemed to be what others were purchasing. 

Now I'm back home relaxing for a big work day tomorrow.  I'm anxious to see how my knee cooperates.  Good, I hope!

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  1. How wonderful. That will be very helpful. Would you believe I use a 30 cup coffee maker. I have even put teabags in the basket where the coffee would go and it works fantastic.


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