Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Mother's Day Weekend

The technical problems between my iPhone and AOL aren't resolved yet, but my hubby and I figured out another way to download my photos until the problem is fixed.  It's probably a simple setting, but since I'm technically challenged I have to rely on the experts to fix it. 

Last Saturday was the Generations Tea at The Whitney, honoring all mothers.  It was too busy to take pictures once the guests began arriving, but I did take some before.

~ The Drawing Room ~

It was a prepaid event and we set up for 63 guests, using all the dining rooms on the first floor of the mansion except Mr. Whitney's study - the Receiving Room, the Drawing Room, the Library, the Music Room and the Formal Dining Room.

When I got home from work, my daughter and son-in-law came over and brought dinner from our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Charros.  Even though it was carry-out, I set the dining room table with my Spanish/Mexican style dishes.

I had to get a picture with my first-born who made me a mother way back in 1967.  She's brought joy to me from the moment they laid her in my arms up to this present day.

After eating and visiting, we went out to the front porch where she and Dave planted geraniums in the planter.  It was my Mother's Day gift from them.  Lori loves gardening and gets her green thumb from my mother, not me.

They also transferred a hanging basket arrangement to another planter on the front porch.

A couple of weeks before Mother's Day my son, Steve, texted a Mother's Day take-out menu for five from Penna's Italian Restaurant that he was bringing over on Mother's Day.  I could easily get used to having meals brought in!  ;-)

Steve called on Sunday morning and said our daughter-in-law, Sharon, and granddaughter, Brooke, were both sick [from their second COVID shot], so they were staying home in bed. Our count went from five down to three, but we had a nice visit with Steve.  Penna's food can't be beat.

This time I set the table with Italian-themed dishes.

~ We began with Stracciatella Soup and Focaccia Bread ~

~ Then Michigan Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette ~

Then all the other yummy foods - Chicken Piccante, Ricotta Herb Mashed Potatoes, Lasagna, Italian Sausage with Peppers & Onions, and Green Beans.  There was plenty to take home to Sharon and Brooke afterwards.  For dessert he brought Cannolis from a bakery.

While this would have been more than enough, they also gave me a book and a Visa gift card.

Jeremy called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and we will be visiting him and his family soon.  

Many moons ago [at least 25 years] my hubby bought me a classic Schwinn Cruiser for Christmas.  I loved it because it didn't have any gears to throw myself over the handlebars. It was just a good old-fashioned pedal bike for outdoor exercise.  I rode it diligently for several years, and then it was relegated to the basement where it became out of sight, out of mind.

This Mother's Day he surprised me by having it refurbished at the Schwinn Shop.  Now I'm ready to ride again!  The guy at the bike shop said to hang onto it because they don't make them like this anymore.

It was a wonderful Mother's Day and I am very blessed.

We didn't see granddaughter, Tiffany, for Mother's Day but I'm sharing two pictures she posted with her sweet little girls.  Evie will turn four years old later this month.

~ John, Tiffany, Evelyn [Evie] and Juliette ~

For all mother's reading this post, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!  If you're not a mother I hope you enjoyed reflecting on memories of your mother.


  1. You have a porch swing!!! I love them and wish that I was able to have one but, alas, I can't. My grandmother had a porch swing and seeing them brings back happy memories. Plus, I have her complete set of Cherry Blossom Pink depression ware. Happy memories!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!

    I am pretty thrilled with all the carryout meals available in our area, too.

  3. Oh my gosh - so much food!~ It looked delicious too! That was so sweet!

  4. The tables set in The Whitney looked so elegant and lovely. I'm sure the tea event was a great success! Your tables for both your Mexican and Italian meals were great, too, and isn't it nice to have meals brought to you? Along with loved ones to help enjoy them. Happy Mother's Day!


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