Thursday, March 4, 2021

Welcoming March

I hope the first four days of March have been going well for you.  For my first post this month I decided to get out some of my St. Patrick's Day dishes and table décor and share photos of them. But first I made a quick stop at the florist to see if they had any daffodils.  They didn't, so my second choice was a Shamrock plant [Oxalis].  The Belleek fruit bowl was repurposed to a plant container.

The teacup is by Royal Albert called Emerald Isle, part of the Ancestral Series.  The resin Irish figurines are from Christmas Tree Shop a few years ago.

The St. Patrick figurine was purchased in Frankenmuth, MI several years ago, and I think the chubby leprechaun teapot came from Jo-Ann's, also several years ago.  The Irish top hat planter may have been a Jo-Ann's purchase too.   Is it just me, or do you find it harder to find seasonal/holiday tableware these days?  Millennials are said to be minimalists, so production may be decreasing because of that.  Some day my children will probably wish I would have been a minimalist too!  ;-)

I attempted to visit Tuesday Morning today because they usually have an inventory of seasonal things, but the store was completely empty.  Maybe a casualty of COVID-19 shut-downs. Their next closest store was 11 miles away, so I decided to save it for another day, and check out websites at home instead.  I didn't see anything that excited me at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby's website, but the Christmas Tree Shops scored with a 15-inch Leprechaun Nutcracker. I called to see if they still had some in stock and to my amazement they did, so I dashed over to pick one up. At $7.99 he's not a Steinbach nutcracker, but he's cute holding his pot of gold in one hand and Irish flag in the other.

While I was in the store I browsed around and found some cute tea-themed dishtowels that came home with me too.

Another St. Patrick's Day vignette using my Waterford Crystal Biscuit Jar - the only piece of Waterford I own - and my Irish linens.

Below is an authentic Belleek teapot and cup and saucer, but the plates are faux Belleek.  They came from Christmas Tree Shops a couple of years ago, and I was so happy to find them.

The photo below is a nod to my Irish mom.  It's her Royal Tara trio made in Galway, Ireland.  

My Irish teapot collection, and two of my Irish teacups: Godinger teapot and teacup on the left in the Shannon pattern, Carrigaline Pottery teapot in the middle [it has a handleless teacup to match], and Belleek teapot and teacup on the right.  Hall dark green teapot in the back. The thatched-roofed teapot on the right is by Pfaltzgraff and the one on the left has no markings.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing these vignettes half as much as I've enjoyed photographing them. It's sad the dishes only come out once a year around St. Patrick's Day.

Gathering everything from various cupboards, china cabinets and closets inspired me to go to Lowe's and purchase a couple of large heavy duty totes to label and store everything together in one place for easier access.  It's the very next thing on my agenda.

What Irish/St. Patrick's Day dishes do you have in your collection?

Below is my tablescape from last St. Patrick's Day when I had my Irish Aunt and cousins over for a tea luncheon.  Sadly, my sweet aunt is no longer with us this year, but I'm thankful we had her to enjoy for 93 wonderful years.



  1. I enjoyed seeing all your collection! I have only a few pieces - a Belleek cup and saucer I scored a couple of years ago in a group of pieces (which I bought for that one alone!) and a Shelley cup/mug (not sure what to call it, it's closer to a mug but smaller) that a dear friend gave me, and some green Depression glass pieces. I do have a couple of teapots that could be said to be Irish cottages, so they're on my table. I'll send you a picture tomorrow when the light is better. My ancestors were probably more English and Welsh than Irish, but everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day, right?

  2. The totes/tubs are an excellent idea. I live in a smallish apartment and I have Rubbermaid tubs for each holiday and stack them all in my storage closet. That way all my decorations/dishes, etc for each holiday are in one spot; easy to get out and easy when putting away. Good luck with organizing yours.

  3. We have a few Irish dishes and mugs. We have several Belleek things and also Waterford.. Your Irish things are lovely. Thank you for sharing them.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. LOVE all your Irish dishes!!! Was looking through stuff the other day and realized I have quite a bit too.. They're scattered here and there and it wasn't until I started to gather them together, that I realized how many of them there are. I LOVE decorating with dishes for all the different holidays and I have most of mine in bins too. It makes it so easy to find what you want, when you want it. Have decided I now need one for all my Irish dishes too.


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