Sunday, March 7, 2021

St. Paddy's Day and More

All bloggers enjoy receiving comments from their posts, and I was delighted to receive a comment with photos from Kathy B. in response to my Welcoming March post when I asked the question "What Irish/St. Patrick's Day dishes do you have in your collection?"

Kathy began by saying she wasn't Irish, but she does have a beautiful teapot she received from her husband several years ago, bought at a Hallmark store.  

She also shared a wonderful, creative idea she recently began doing by dressing a mannequin for different holidays.  She bought scarves from the Dollar Store to make a skirt for the mannequin as well as the neck scarf.  I love this idea!  Kathy said it makes a nice conversation piece.

I told Kathy the saying goes, "Everyone's Irish on St. Paddy's Day!"  

This post is a great time to say thanks to those who frequently leave comments whether with pictures or without.  They are always appreciated.

Yesterday seemed to be a day for 'first time' tea parties at The Whitney.  We had two cousins under ten years of age come in with their mom and grandma for a tea party.  They were all dressed up with fascinators and white gloves.  I took photos on their i-phones but didn't get one on mine.  ;-(

But Steven [tea time server extraordinaire] did manage to take a picture of sweet little Olive's first tea party in The Whitney's formal dining room.  Even though her tea time treats were teething biscuits, it still qualified as her 'first tea party'.

I stopped at Michael's on my way home from work to purchase a buddy for the Irish nutcracker I purchased earlier in the week at Christmas Tree Shops.  Because it's so close to St. Patrick's Day he was marked down from $14.99 to $10.49.  Just one more and it's a collection!  ;-)

The nutcrackers are now officially named Pat and Mike!  My Irish uncle [now deceased] used to love to tell Pat and Mike jokes.

A lot is said about the luck of the Irish, but I'd rather think of God's goodness as blessings, not luck. I was blessed on Friday when I received a text from my 18-year-old granddaughter, Brooke, a freshman at Olivet Nazarene University, saying: "Hi Nana, I was wondering how I can be praying for you this week?"  💓

Below is Brooke, the day of her Dedication. God has been faithful to keep her in His care throughout her life, and she has a vibrant testimony of her personal relationship with Him.

 Brooke's High School Graduation Party 2020.  Our 'blessing' grew up!



  1. Thank You for sharing Kathy's photos. What a great idea Kathy has. Brooke is a lovely young lady. Love the photo of Olive at her first tea party. Enjoy your Nutcrackers are lovely. Enjoy them.

  2. I'm not Irish, but my husband is half Irish and half Italian. I do like to celebrate St Patrick's day, though.☕️🍀☘️

  3. Connie ArmstrongMarch 8, 2021 at 9:29 PM

    What a sweet text to receive from a granddaughter!


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