Thursday, November 19, 2020

Craft-Tea at The Whitney

Last Saturday The Whitney hosted one of three Craft-Teas scheduled this month - something new they're trying.  Saturday's tea was Christmas card making.  The restaurant is all decorated for Christmas and definitely provides an atmosphere for inspiration and creativity.  11 ladies attended.  They were served three courses of their Afternoon Tea, and then had a break to make their Christmas card.  When it was finished the fourth course - desserts - was served.

~ Gift bags for attendees ~

Barb Kapla [left] a Stampin' Up instructor and her helper.

~ Giving instructions to the ladies. ~

Two of the three tables of participants.

The finished card cover.  

The attendees had a fun time.  The next sold-out [capped at 20] Craft-Tea was scheduled for this Saturday - decorating a Bouche d' Noel with our talented pastry chef, Eric, but sadly, it will have to be rescheduled because Governor Whitmer ordered dine-in restaurants in our state to be shut down effective yesterday [Nov. 18] thru Dec. 8th due to the resurgence of COVID-19.

The Princess Tea scheduled for December 5th is proceeding but the date is tentative due to the restaurant's shut-down - watch the Whitney website.  Our annual Christmas tea is scheduled for December 18th and 19th and my boss told me yesterday we will be doing Christmas teas "To-Go" this year, so watch the website for that as well.

In the meantime while I'm at home, I've been engaging in some creativity of my own - two Shutterfly photo albums as Christmas presents.  I submitted one of my daughter's 2019 Valentine's Day Wedding last night and am working on a "Teatime with Nana" album for my granddaughter, Tiffany.


  1. I think it is wonderful you offer Christmas Teas to go. Hospitals here in Northern Ohio are full. My friend's husband had open heart surgery on Monday and is being released today (Wednesday) from ICU to home in hopes of avoiding contracting the virus and to make room for patients needing more help than him. What a scary time.

  2. Fabulous crafting ideas! The card came out so well. Also, what a treat to learn how to decorate a cake from a pastry chef. Thank you for sharing Phyllis.


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