Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Festival of Tables - Part I

In today's post I'll share the first 10 tables. This was a fundraiser for the Breast Care Program at St. John Providence Health Care System in the metro-Detroit.  Tickets were $10 per person, and in addition to viewing the tablescapes there were several vendors in gift boutiques, a silent auction, and raffle tickets.

The creativity of some of the tables was incredible, and it was difficult to take everything in when viewing the tables only once. Fortunately we got there when the doors opened [1:00 p.m.] before it got crowded or hurried.

~ Table #1 - The Lion's Library ~

~ Table #2 - Teachers Touch Lives Forever ~

Most tables decorated the chairs to coordinate.

~ Table #3 Winter Greetings ~

~ The centerpiece was a waterfall.  This table was one of Lori's favorites. ~

~ Table #4 - Born to be Wild.  This was Courtney's favorite table. ~

~ Notice the lion and tiger in the centerpiece. ~

~ Table #5 - Surely You Jest ~

~ Table #6 - Italian Wedding ~

~ Table #7 - Sapphire Glow ~

~ Table #8 - Dreaming of a White Christmas ~

~ Table #9 - Merry Mardi Gras ~

~ Table #10 - Carnival Time in New Orleans ~

11 more tables tomorrow...


  1. What fun! I love the decorated chairs, and I'm with Lori, my favorite of those pictured is the Winter Greetings table. They even pulled the plaid from the tablecloth into the chair decor. I'm looking forward to more photos tomorrow.

  2. I always love seeing all the individual themed tables. So many imaginative people! And these were definitely imaginative.

  3. I applaud the table hostesses for their hard work and pretty tablescapes.

  4. What fun tables! Each one is a work of art. I thought Winter Greetings was adorable.


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