Friday, October 7, 2016

Check-in at the Grand Hotel and Afternoon Tea

As you can see by the clock on the wall, we were at the Grand Hotel's lower level reservation desk at 1:50 to check-in [although official check-in time isn't until 4:00 p.m., and occupancy isn't promised until then].

~ Keys to 390 guest rooms. ~

Teresa snapped a photo of the sign below at the registration desk.   The clerks all smiled, so there were no freebies.  ;-) 

My room wasn't ready at registration, but Linda J. and Nancy R.'s room was [#408], and they graciously invited Barb [my roommate] and me in until it was time to go down to the Parlor on the main floor for our scheduled Afternoon Tea at 3:30 p.m.

Every room in the Grand Hotel is decorated differently, and here's a peek at Linda J. and Nancy R.'s room.  The vibrant colors are the creative inspiration of designer, Carleton Varney, President and owner of Dorothy Draper and Co. of New York, N.Y.

We made our way down to the beautiful Parlor for Afternoon Tea.  For those aspiring to go, the cost is $30 per person plus tax.

Below is Mike Concannon, Convention Manager, welcoming our group to Afternoon Tea.  I communicated with Mike several times before our arrival, and he diligently made sure our stay at the Grand was indeed grand [pun intended]. Thanks, Mike! 

He reserved the customary low tables for our Afternoon Tea, and we were comfortably seated on tufted sofas and comfy side chairs. The beautiful Camellia Rose china was used for Afternoon Tea, dinner, and breakfast the next morning.

Robust English Breakfast tea was served...

...from silver pots.

[Photo courtesy of Nancy R.]

Our Afternoon Tea experience was even more enjoyable by Nancy C.'s presence. She writes Two Cottages and Tea blog. Mackinac Island is in Michigan's upper peninsula, and Nancy lives in Marquette [also in the upper peninsula], so she was able to join us. I had the privilege of having her and her husband, Neil, for lunch in 2015 on their way south to Tennessee and Florida.  It was wonderful seeing her again.

She gave everyone in our group a Time for Tea coloring book.  Thanks, Nancy!

Shortly after I got home from the tea tour I saw the cartoon below in keeping with the coloring book, and I couldn't resist posting it.

~ The lengthy Parlor was bustling with Afternoon Tea guests. ~

A flute of champagne or sparkling raspberry juice was included in our Afternoon Tea.

Sandwiches for those who weren't vegetarian or gluten-free were: Open-faced, double-decker Cucumber on Wheat Bread; Beef on White Bread; Turkey on Wheat Bread; Crab in a Pastry cup; and Ham on Wheat Bread.

The Scone and Jam were served on the dessert plate with a Custard and Glazed Fruit Tart; Orange Citrus Petit Four;  mini Red Velvet Cream Puff;  Chocolate Covered Strawberry; and a Coconut, Almond, White Chocolate Truffle.

The finale was a petite parfait of Fudge Sauce topped with whipped Raspberry Cream, and a Blueberry.  Yum!

~ Serene harp music was played throughout the tea. ~

~ Our group was photographed in two separate photos. ~

[L-R:  Teresa, Nancy C., Me, Linda P., and Barb]

[L-R:  Gloria, Joanie, Nancy R., Linda J., Lori, and Judith]

A beautiful picture of Nancy R. who owns Sweet Remembrances tearoom in Pennsylvania. It was nice for her to be served for a change.


[Linda P. and Me]

There are about 300 weddings on the island every season, and one was transpiring on the porch outside the window while we were having tea.

Below is the Parlor corridor.  Mr. Varney brought the vibrant colors of summer geraniums inside the hotel with the carpeting, and the walls, furnishings, and accessories harmonize with it.

While in one of the hotel elevators, Teresa spotted our name on the the hotel schedule of events for Sat., September 17th.  Before our departure we were given copies as souvenirs. Good eye, Teresa!

The day was far from over...  see what other activities followed in my next post.

P.S.  I took a lot of photos myself [most of which are posted], but special thanks to Teresa, Linda J., Linda P., Nancy R. and Judith for sharing their photos with me, so I could share them with you.


  1. I just loved reading about your tea adventure! It sure makes me want to visit The Grand Hotel for sure, Phyllis. Maybe one day....

  2. I want to thank you ladies for taking us to tea (virtually)at the Grand Hotel! What a special place!

  3. How lovely it all was! Just "grand" in every way!

  4. Everything at the Grand exceeded my expectations, a lovely place to stay.

  5. Such wonderful memories of a fabulous adventure!

  6. Such a lovely post about the Grand Hotel! I am so glad I was able to make it to afternoon tea!
    Hugs, Nancy


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