Monday, February 29, 2016

Postal Surprises

When I returned home from Cristy's Tea Party on 2/20, the mail our neighbor collected while we were out of town was sitting on the dining room table. Two lovely surprises awaited me.

The first was a Marie Antoinette Valentine card and tea from Mary Jane, who I became friends with when we roomed together during a London, England, tea tour.

Marie has a mechanical arm, and when it's extended a cup of tea is poured!

Enclosed with the card was an envelope of loose tea, Nina's Paris Thé de Marie Antoinette - a black Ceylon tea flavored with apples exclusively grown at the Versailles Palace, and sprinkled with rose petals. 

The floral aroma and taste is lovely.  Thank you, Mary Jane!

When I saw the postal box I commented to my hubby that I wasn't expecting anything from E-bay or Amazon, but a look at the return address revealed it was from Michele at The Nest at Finch Rest blog.

On February 14th, Michelle wrote a Valentine's post that included a photo of a pink teacup [pictured below]. When I saw the photo I immediately remembered my mother had a teacup just like it stored in a tote with other possessions that I brought from her assisted living apartment when she passed away. 

I immediately retrieved it from the tote [pictured below], and wrote a post about it on February 15th, which can be viewed here.

In the postal box was Michele's pink teacup because she said the two teacups belonged together. How kind and thoughtful!  Below are the matching teacups sitting side-by-side.

The box contained a lot more than the teacup though. Michele filled it with tea, lavender, a notebook and tablet, candles, napkins, and rose scented soap.  Tea and blogging friends are the BEST!  Thanks so much, Michele!

*  *  *

Today I'm joining Rose Chintz Cottage for No Place Like Home
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  1. Very lovely surprises! That's the best kind of mail!

  2. That card is darling, and what a lovely surprise from Michelle!

  3. What wonderful surprises you received, Phyllis! How sweet of both of them to think of you.

  4. Both gifts are very sweet! It's amazing how a little package in the mail can make the day special!

  5. How lovely to receive those special surprises, Phyllis! The tea sounds delightful and Michele's teacup is a perfect match to the other. How very thoughtful of her! Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy those gifts!


  6. What wonderful surprises! The thoughtfulness and generosity of tea friends never cease to amaze me.


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