Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day.  My Valentine was very good to me and gave me Seasons 5 and 6 of Downton Abbey [and it's not blu-ray, so I'll be able to watch it].  Did you notice the "Google Doodle" yesterday of the coffee pot flirting with the teapot?  Cute!

I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day through February 20th because I'm going to Cristy's Bennett's Victorian Valentine Tea next Saturday.  I'll be sure to post photographs.

Michelle, at Finch Rest blog, posted a beautiful pink, footed teacup yesterday that I recognized from my mother's teacup collection.  I immediately went to the tote of things I brought from her assisted living apartment when she passed, and there was the teacup!  I'm not one to try connecting with departed loved ones through the spirit world, but on Valentine's Day the teacup was a perfect reminder of her.  Thanks, Michelle!  The rose is fitting not only because it symbolizes love and remembrance, but also because my mom's middle name was Rose.

Sharing a few blog photos from previous Valentine's Day.

~ 2012 ~

~ 2013 ~

~ 2014 ~

*  *  *

Today I'm joining Rose Chintz Cottage for No Place Like Home
Antiques and Teacups for Tuesday Cuppa Tea


  1. Awl, Phyllis, what a sweet post.

    I am so happy to have been a catalyst to wonderful memories of your dear momma.

    Blessings and prayers to you.

    Hugs. ♥

  2. How lovely to get out your mother's teacup on Valentine's Day! And what a nice day you had. Wish I could go to Cristy's tea with you next weekend. Enjoy!

  3. Dear Phyllis:
    I join you in being the happy owner of season#6 and owning them all now. We watched them one night until midnight as a break from all this work! I love your post as that cup and saucer and the sentiment are wonderful!

  4. I loved the story of the memories of your mother while using the special teacup you got from her.

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    What a lovely gift from your hubby! I must look into purchasing the series as Hubby and I both enjoy it so much. Your teacup is beautiful and a lovely reminder of your mother! I'm sure you will enjoy Cristy's Valentine Tea coming up and I expect we will be tagging along through your blog?? Thank you for sharing today and have a wonderful week.


  6. What a sweet gift from your hubby, Phyllis! I enjoy DA very much, and am sorry it's ending this season. The pink teacup is such a lovely remembrance of your dear mom.
    I look forward to the Valentine tea that you'll be sharing soon.

  7. What a beautiful memory of your mother! Such a beautiful teacup! What a sweet gift from Jerry! (I was treated to a shamrock shake at McDonalds from my hubby! :). I enjoyed your pass Valentine tea's and am looking forward to your next tea you will be sharing.

  8. So glad that you found your mom's gorgeous pink teacup! What a lovely way to remember her on Heart Day. Can't wait to see your photos from Cristy's Victorian Valentine Tea.

  9. So glad you reconnected with your mother's lovely teacup, and I think you'll appreciate this: Yesterday, I was cleaning out some bags of old cards, letters, paper ephemera. Now I had thought several times over the weekend how my mom used to always send me a valentine, and in the midst of cleaning out, I found the valentine she sent me exactly 20 years ago. And she said something very sweet about my writing a book. Now isn't that interesting? God's timing, I say!


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