Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ninth Tea Tasting at the Rendezvous With Tea

Yesterday I attended my 9th tea tasting at The Rendezvous With Tea in Grosse Pointe.  The tastings began in May 2014, and during that time period I've tasted over 60 great teas.

The shop was decorated for Christmas, and Naszreen [the owner] was disappointed with Michigan's unseasonably high 70 degree temperatures, which doesn't lend to a Christmas shopping atmosphere as well as cold temperatures and snow.  As for me, I'll take all the warm weather Mother Nature will give us, without any complaints whatsoever! ;-)

The first two pictures were taken outside the store through the front window.

~ Indoor displays. Tea and tea wares are perfect gifts for tea lovers. ~

The tasting began at 2:00 p.m. and as always, eight teas were tasted.  It's rare that Naszreen repeats a tea, but she did with silver tips.  In the photo below she's explaining the teas we would taste.   She has never done a tea pairing with cheese or chocolate, and hopefully one day that will be an offering.

We began the tasting with two Chinese high grade black teas, Golden Monkey and Zhen Qu Golden Buds.  I purchased 25 grams of  Zhen Qu Golden Buds for $7.99,  the equivalent of 12 teabags.  

The tightly coiled, wiry black and gold leaves produce notes of cocoa and fruit.  Brewing perimeters are just under boiling [200 degrees] for only 1-2 minutes, and can withstand a second steeping, which is unusual for a black tea.

We sampled two oolongs from Taiwan, Milk Oolong and Jade Oolong, both closer to green teas; one Chinese green tea - Dragonwell Qing Ming; and three high end white teas - Soft White Pearls [from China], Silver Tips, and Golden Tips [from Sri Lanka].

As always, a savory and sweets followed the tasting with a full-size cup of one of the tasting teas of our choice.  

The Pear and Brie Quiche was delicious.  The tea tastings are always a wonderful culinary experience since Naszreen is a "foodie" as well as a tea connoisseur.

Sweets were a delicious Clementine Cake [recipe by Nigella Lawson], and a German Ginger Spice Cookie.

Gluten-free caterer, Kelly Guarano, was also an attendee at the tasting, and she provided a gluten-free cupcake.  Since I'm trying to restrict calories I brought the cookie and cupcake home to my hubby.

My grandson called right before I left to ask if I'd get some teas for his girlfriend who likes tea.   At this stage she only uses tea bags - not loose tea - so I bought ten of Naszreen's private blended black tea sachets and a tin of Christmas tea.   

Thanks for another wonderful tasting, Naszreen.  It was an enjoyable afternoon!


  1. You have gotten to taste a great variety of teas at these events, haven't you? What a great experience. It all sounds delicious!

  2. Okay, I love these tea tastings you are so blessed to get to attend, but my favorite thing in this whole post is that your grandson wanted you to buy teas for his girlfriend! Awesome!


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